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July 2014

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Exerpt from "Nordic Huna" by Jo Danieli: "Many people interested in the Huna philosophy want to believe that "Huna" is a "Hawaiian religion", but, folks, it certainly is NOT. "Huna" as a philosophical entity comprises an attitude towards life; and "Huna" is only a Hawaiian word meaning "hidden" and "not obvious" (among other meanings) that points to the fact, that the magic creative force innate to humanity is not recognized yet by many people. It works "hidden", but yet there is nothing in a human being's existence that is not related to the invisible forces embraced by the "Huna-philosophy". "Huna" describes everything that goes on in "Po" of the Cosmos (the "invisible" realms) that we humans can't perceive with our sensory system and abilities of interpretation, but that shows as effects in "Ao", the "real world". (read the whole article at

"When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves." - William Arthur Ward

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"Ho'oponopono Revealed" by Serge Kahili King
"A Different Vision" by Stewart Blackburn
"Living Symbolically" by Pete 'Ike Dalton
"Huna and the Tarot" by Jim Fallon and Serge Kahili King
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July 14-18, Big Island, Hawaiian Shaman Practice by Serge Kahili King and Susan Pa'iniu Floyd
July 19, Big Island, The Secrets of Self-Love: A Workshop by Stewart Blackburn
July 24-27, Sunshine Coast, BC. Canada, Four Day Traditional Lomilomi Training by Wayne Powell
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A new travelogue: "Impressions of Rapanui."
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