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December 2010

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Excerpt from Urban Shaman by Serge Kahili King: "The real power of human beings, their ability to influence and change the world, comes from their capacity to work together for a common goal. History books, out of a desire for simplicity or in ignorance of the facts, tend to focus on individuals like kings and queens, presidents or dictators, popular politicians and leaders, famous explorers and scientistsÉ But canoes are moved forward by paddlers, not by chiefs, and ships of state reach their destination because of the crew as much as the captain."

Making The World A Better Place
Globally: Check out "Cardborigami" (, how one woman used origami to create a quick, cheap, temporary shelter for use in disaster situations.

Locally: Old T-shirts can be used to make laptop cozies, pillows, quilts, skirts, necklaces, grocery bags, appliques, and (really!) underwear.

Online: Join Serge Kahili King on Facebook (add a message) and connect with a lively group of sharing, helpful people; send your healing requests to; participate in our global healing work at Huna Village in Second Life.

Current Articles on the Web at
"What Does It Take," by Serge Kahili King
"Implementing Change," by Astrid Mohr-Kiehn
"Fix Your Life Now," by Jim Fallon
"Motivation is the Moving Force," by Kala Kos

Upcoming Events
Check the Huna Calendar for:
December 5, Big Island and Second Life, Huna Talk by Serge Kahili King
December 6-10, Big Island, Hawaiian Massage by Susan Pa'iniu Floyd
December 8, Second Life, Huna workshop by Serge Kahili King
and much more...

At The Huna Store:
Expand your knowledge and skills with Serge Kahili King's "Earth Energies Course."

Hawaiian language lesson: When someone says "Aloha!" to you, the proper response is "Aloha no!" (with a slight emphasis on the "no"). Literally, this means "Love indeed!"

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