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Aloha Newsletter
March 2007

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Excerpt from the book, 'Instant Healing,' by Serge Kahili King (Renaissance Books, 2000): " The process of learning involves motivation, experience, feedback, and selective memorizing. Observing a child learning how to walk is very interesting. In the beginning, the steps are tentative as the child tries out various combinations of body movement and balance. By an adroit use of bio-feedback--in other words, by finding out whether a particular combination results in falling down or staying up--the child gradually remembers what works, forgets what doesn't work, and learns the skill of walking. There you have it, the keys to learning new behavior and skills. Remember what works and forget what doesn't work. That's how a baby learns; that's how a child learns; that's how an adult learns. That's how you learn to be healthier, and that's how you learn to be sick...If the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual benefits of an illness outweigh the disadvantages, the body will keep repeating the illness until it learns a better means of obtaining the benefits."

Aloha International News

Aloha International held its first Big Island Talk Story (Huna Talk) session on March 4th at the Cooper Center in Volcano Village. About forty people attended from all over the island, some from about 100 miles away. Huna Talks will continue on the first Sunday of every month.

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"Huna Means 'The Secret'" by Serge Kahili King
"Peace Is Prevailing" by Tatomir Ion-Marius
"Astral Travel," by Jim Fallon

New letters and world Huna happenings, and new inspirations, along with participation in our world-wide Healing Circle are in the Sharing Hut.
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April 1-6 Hula Intensive with Kawaikapu Hewett
April 7-9 Ho'oponopono with Kawaikapu Hewett
April 15-20 Hunaquest" with Fern Merle-Jones and Serge Kahili King
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Hu'ea pau 'ia e ka wai
All scooped up by rushing water

(Everything is told, no secrets are kept)

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