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March 2011

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Excerpt from Changing Reality by Serge Kahili King: "The first thing to know about the 'third eye' is that it does not have a physical location. Behind all the hype is the simple fact that the 'third eye' is the 'eye' of your imagination.. The second thing to know is that the 'eye' is just a metaphor for all the sensory talents of your imagination. Yes, we often mean the visual aspect when we talk about imagination, but the other sensory aspects of your imagination are important, too."

Making The World A Better Place
Globally: One of the ways to provide practical help to the survivors of the recent New Zealand earthquake is to work through ShelterBox (

Locally: Most TVs arrive set to "retail" mode, an extra-bright setting made to stand out under retail stores" fluorescent lights and surrounded by competitors" TVs. Take off your sunglasses and use the "home" setting instead, and then select "standard," "movie," or "cinema" mode rather than "dynamic," "sports," or "vivid" mode. In testing, these two simple changes often cut power consumption by 20 to 50%.

Online: Join Serge Kahili King on Facebook (add a message) and connect with a lively group of sharing, helpful people;
Send your healing requests to;
Participate in our global healing work at Huna Village in Second Life.

Current Articles on the Web at
"Pain, Pain, Go Away," by Serge Kahili King
"Origins of Healing Symbols," by Jim Fallon (PDF)
"The Happiness Set Point," by Dan Green
"Resolutions: A New Way," by Sherri Miller

Upcoming Events
Check the Huna Calendar for:
March 6, Huna Talk by Serge Kahili King on Big Island and in Second Life
March 9, Huna workshop by Serge Kahili King in Second Life
April 3, Huna Talk by Aloha International staff on Big Island and in Second Life
and much more...

At The Huna Store:
March Special - 10% discount on Huna Teacher Training Course
Changing Reality, by Serge Kahili King in PDF and EPUB ebook formats

Hawaiian language lesson: Like Russian and Indonesian, the Hawaiian language has no form of the verb "to be."

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