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Aloha Newsletter
April 2009

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Excerpt from Huna: Ancient Secrets for Modern Living, by Serge Kahili King: "As a time of power, the present moment is the only place where we can act effectively and where we can gather, amplify, and focus energy for our purposes. We can't do that in the past or the future without being there 'in the present.' When we try, we have less available energy and everything becomes harder to do."

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Watch
Very little activity, with two ocean entries, one of them a kilometer wide.

Making The World A Better Place
Maryland-based Phoenix Soulutions will lead a nationwide Shamanic Healing ceremony for the United States and its citizens. The event will take place on Sunday, April 18 at Mystickal Voyage, 5-8PM, at 8601 Walther Blvd., Nottingham, Maryland 21236. The website is

British scientists are proposing the planting of reflective plants to help cool the Earth.

Aloha International News
The Little Pink Booklet of Aloha and The Dynamind Technique are both available in e-book (PDF) versions put together by Alakai Graeme Urlich.

Second Life: Huna Village has a new Healing Center, and Holani has a Freebie Center in the Pavilion.

Current Articles on the Web at
"The Chemistry of Love," by Serge Kahili King
"Savoring and Huna," by Dan Green
"Positive Thinking," by Graeme Kupono Urlich
"Quantum and Kala," by Bill Russell

Send your healing requests to and participate in our world-wide healing work at the Healing Hut and at the Global Healing Circles in Second Life.

At The Huna Store:
You can order any of our audio products in Mp3 format.

Upcoming Events
Check the Huna Calendar for: dd>April 26-May 1, Big Island, Hunaquest Course with Serge Kahili King
April 27-May 1, Moscow, Russia, Hawaiian Massage with Susan Pa'iniu Floyd.
May 3, Volcano, Big Island and Second Life, talks and workshop with Serge Kahili King.
and much more...

E moni i ke koko o ka inaina, 'umi ka hanu o ka ho'omanawanui
Swallow the blood of wrath, and hold the breath of patience

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