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Aloha Newsletter
May 2007

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Excerpt from the book, Healing For The Millions, by Serge Kahili King (Hunaworks, 2004): "The world needs healing because people need healing. We cannot heal 'the world' because 'the world' is nothing but an abstract concept used to represent all the billions of people and other things that make up the world... We cannot even heal diseases, as experience shows. Our 'wars' on cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and such non-disease illnesses as drug and alcohol addiction, and obesity have not been successful except in cases where individual people have recovered... What we can most definitely do is to heal, or facilitate the healing, of individual people... More simply put, we can change the world by changing people, or better, by giving people the tools to change themselves."

Aloha International News

On May 20th Aloha International will present its first "Instant Healing" mini-workshop on the Big Island at Cooper Center in Volcano Village, featuring the Dynamind Technique as taught by Serge Kahili King.

New Articles on the Web at
"Climate Change'" by Serge Kahili King
"The Art of Expectation" by Stewart Blackburn
"Sunrise In Germany" by Jutta Hahr
New Translation at The Global Hut
in German

New letters and world Huna happenings, and new inspirations, along with participation in our world-wide Healing Circle are in the Sharing Hut.
New Product in The Huna Store:
"Playing Card Divination," designed by Serge Kahili King
Upcoming Events
Check the Huna Calendar for:
May 20 Instant Healing at Volcano HI with Serge Kahili King
May 20-25 Hawaiian Massage in Switzerland with Susan Pa'iniu Floyd
May 28-June 1 Hawaiian Massage in Poland with Susan Pa'iniu Floyd
and more...

Po'ohu ka lae kahi i ka pohue
When the forehead lumps, rub it with a gourd

(Find the remedy to the problem)

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