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Aloha Newsletter
June 2007

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Huna Responses, from Serge Kahili King
Question: How can I use Huna to lower my blood pressure? I've tried Dynamind with "My blood pressure's too high and that can change... but it doesn't seem to work.

Answer: In speaking to your body, "blood pressure" is just an abstract phrase. Your body mind responds much betterwhen you work with emotions and imagery as well. So, emotionally, high blood pressure is often connected to suppressed anger. A lot of forgiveness work (for anyone and anything you can think of) and removing possible anger with Dynamind could be very helpful. For imagery, you can either ask for a symbol for the high blood pressure and work on changing it, or you can imagine a pressure gauge in the red zone and imagine lowering the needle to the green zone.

Aloha International News

Serge did a free presentation on Dynamind for the Senior Group at Volcano and they were very impressed with the demonstrations on pain relief and emotional healing. Big Island Alakai Maile Napoleon did a lomi demonstration at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

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June 9, Hula Workshop with Susan Pa'iniu Floyd in Germany
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