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Aloha Newsletter
July 2007

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Excerpt from "Kahuna Healing," by Serge Kahili King:
"The most direct healing of body, mind and circumstance comes through consciously involving the god-self in your daily life and thoughts in an open, loving and trusting way. The practice of love (aloha) which includes the experience of sharing joy, is the way to make this union materially effective. "Joy is life-giving and expansive, and when it is made part of your life it automatically releases tension and acts like an invitation to the Higher Self to become a full partner in bringing forth health, happiness and fulfillment. As taught by the kahunas, joyful coopera- tion with "goddess-in-everything" is the best medicine for all ills, the best solution to all problems, the best way to achieve personal fulfillment. To do this, however, takes a commitment to remind yourself constantly of the presence of God in all people, places and situations. "'Thou art God.' Say it in your mind to all and everything, including yourself, from the time you get up till you go to sleep, believe it, and your life will be renewed."

Aloha International News

Go to for a video of a new string figure filmed by Alakai Earl Stokes of Web of Life International.

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Check out the new postings at the Sharing Hut and participate in our world-wide healing work at the Healing Hut.
New at The Huna Store:
A large list of video "Talk Story" sessions with Serge Kahili King.
Now available in MPEG4 format for iPod and PSP.
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July 16-20 Advanced Huna Healing with Serge Kahili King and Susan Pa'iniu Floyd in Hawaii
July 30-August Kino Mana massage course with Susan Pa'iniu Floyd in Hawaii
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'Oi kau ka lau, e hana i ola honua
Live your life while the sun still shines

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