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Aloha Newsletter
September 2009

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Excerpt from Healing Relationships by Serge Kahili King: "Everything you believe about anything is based on made-up rules. All your beliefs about yourself, about relationships, about men, women, children, about all the individuals you know, are really rules. Even more importantly, the rules you have about these things affect your experience with them."

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Watch
Halema'umau Crater has a strong plume now and glows at night. Pu'u 'O'o Crater still emits gas, but without a glow. There is still one ocean entry that is very active.

Making The World A Better Place
Using a nickel-based electrode, the scientists can create large amounts of cheap hydrogen from urine that could be burned or used in fuel cells. "One cow can provide enough energy to supply hot water for 19 houses," said Gerardine Botte, a professor at Ohio University developing the technology. "Soldiers in the field could carry their own fuel."

AmeriCorps is looking for men and women over the age of 18 with the skills, desire, and commitment to make a difference in the Gulf Coast and in the lives of the people who live there. In return you will receive a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award, a modest living allowance, health coverage, student loan deferment, valuable hands-on training and experience, and the satisfaction of knowing you have helped those in need.

Aloha International News
Foodland and Sack 'n Save stores in Hawaii have a GiveAloha program for matching donations to non-profits. During the month of September, residents and visitors in Hawaii can make matching fund donations to Aloha International at the checkstands of these stores.

Second Life: A walking labyrinth for meditation and healing has been placed in the skybox area of Holani Island. It features a choice of four different styles.

Current Articles on the Web at
"The Body of God," by Serge Kahili King
"Teachers and Pedestals," by Graeme Urlich
"Martian Newbies," by Jo Danieli
"Distant Dynamind," by Jim Fallon
"Hawaiian Orchids," by Serge Kahili King

Send your healing requests to and participate in our world-wide healing work at the Healing Hut and at the Global Healing Circles in Second Life.

At The Huna Store:
Special sale on MP3 version of a CD workshop.

Upcoming Events
Check the Huna Calendar for:
September 26-27 Warsaw, Poland, Shamanic Dreaming with Serge Kahili King.
September 29-October 3, Warsaw, Poland, Kino Mana with Susan Pa'iniu Floyd.
October 3-4, Birmingham, UK, The Huna Way with Serge Kahili King.
and much more...

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Appreciate what you have

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