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Healing Shapes
by Serge Kahili King

Some years ago, while reading a short statement by Seth in the book Seth Speaks, which said, "I communicate with your dimension, for example, not by willing myself to your reality, but by imagining myself there," I felt a light go on in my mind. This initiated a whole string of ideas which culminated in the fact that I hadn't yet developed an instant healing technique based on simple imagery that anyone could apply without a lot of thought. Of course, I have developed a lot of imagery techniques that are extremely simple compared to many others, but not as simple - nor as effective - as I wanted one to be. This line of thinking led me to recall various attempts I had made to formulate a set of basic symbols without much success or persistence. I had done some work with petroglyphs, with energy effects of geometric symbols of varying complexity - the simplest being the circle - and I had experimented with Reiki and other symbols supposedly designed to produce healing or manifestation. However, I thought that most of these were difficult to remember or visualize and no more effective than simple affirmations.

Suddenly a simplified system came into my mind: the use of only four symbols, each with a fundamental meaning related to its shape, and each of which demonstrated strong energy effects. These were a Circle, a Triangle, a Square, and an X.

Their simplicity was indisputable, but what about their power? At first I wondered about that, but then I realized that I had been experimenting with these shapes through my energy research ever since the early seventies.

Early experiments with crystal balls led me to discover that a simple black circle on white paper could produce the same visionary effects. And the same drawing could evoke energetic effects in anyone who gazed at if for at least one minute. Furthermore, I found out that a hula hoop was highly effective as an energized meditation space. I gave some consideration to adding a spiral as a separate symbol, but in the end I decided that the spiral was only a variation of the circle. The overall effect of circular energy was to promote physical and mental harmony.

The triangle is related to pyramid energy, with which I have done very extensive research. In experimenting with simplification, I found that a pyramid framework worked just as well as a solid-walled pyramid. Then I found that the triangular frame of one side of the pyramid worked as well as the whole pyramid for most purposes. The general effect was to intensify or amplify energy.

The square is found all over the world as a symbol of stability and strength. In my energy research I found that the corners are areas of intensely active energy, but that as a whole this energy becomes stable, grounding, and strengthening.

The X or cross is an extremely ancient symbol used to represent the magical properties of a crossroads or threshhold in cultures all over the world. The symbol itself is represented by gods and goddesses like the Greco-Roman Hecate, Ganesha from India, and Papa Legba or Eshu from Africa. Crossroads are considered to be places of intense energy with two seemingly opposite characteristics: on the one hand they are openings to other worlds, and on the other they bar the way to those same worlds. It appears from researching the use of the shape culturally and experimenting with it energetically, that the cross form is an opening or meeting point, and the X form is for obstructing or blocking.

So far I've merely been reaffirming meanings and energy effects that are known in many places by many people. The extension of their use into the mental realm comes from another area of my research, the use of thoughtforms.

A thoughtform is a structured thought, held in the mind or projected outward into the environment for the purpose of influencing situations and conditions. In order to maximize the effect of the thoughtform, it can be associated with a keyword that helps to focus the intention.

After careful pondering I decided to experiment with four symbols, each accompanied by a single command word, thus:
Circle - Heal!
Triangle - Increase!
Square - Strengthen!
X - Stop!

The way I have used this is to think of something I want to influence, project a thoughtform of the symbol over it, and state the keyword. Repetition is part of the process.

Here are just a few of my experiences:

1. One morning I had tension in my chest and a feeling of mild depression. On the way to Talk Story I imagined a circle on my chest and said "Heal the tension!" Then I put a triangle inside the circle and said, "Increase my self-esteem!" I immediately began to feel relief from the tension and the feelings were gone by the time I reached our museum where talks were being given. On the way I had repeated the process several times. After the Talk Story I received a lot of compliments on the session and on my work, but that wasn't unusual, so I didn't think much about it. We then went to the Aloha Beach Resort for lunch and in the lobby Dickie Chang, a very well known video commentator at that time, stopped to introduce himself, praise my work, and tell everyone around that "This man is a treasure!" Later he stopped me at the buffet and did it again. This was most unusual. Also, during the meal the chef came and talked to our group for a long time, also unusual.

2. I experimented further with using the symbols for various aches and pains and tensions and feelings and got very rapid results.

3. It has also worked on many occasions for quick manifestations of intents and desires.

For some reason I put this whole project aside to work on other things a few years ago, but it has come back into my awareness and I would ask anyone who is interested to try this out and let me know how and if it works for them.

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