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Healing Shapes Revisited
by Serge Kahili King

After writing the previous article on healing shapes, I began to receive comments and reports from a lot of people who were trying them out, so I decided to do some more research myself. Following my brief experiences below will be a few reports from others.

1. I found I could increase the energy intensity of the symbols by imagining them large enough to stand in. That led to imagining one below my feet and one above my head. And of course, that led to above, below, and on the sides, either four sides or three. In doing this I did experience increased energy effects from each of the symbols.

2. On certain occasions I wanted to make the focus stronger, so I experimented with adding symbols to the symbols. For instance, while working with the Iceland volcano, I used the circle alone at first to calm it down, but when my wife said she was working on getting it to fall asleep, I added closed eyes and a neutral smile to my circle, like a very simple emoticon, and I immediately felt that the effect was stronger. At least I know that soon after the volcanic activity began to decrease (naturally it was not only due to my work, but I think it helped my part to be more effective). By adding appropriate additional symbols like emoticon features, dollar signs, lightning bolts, flowers, etc., the healing shapes seem to have a faster, more definite effect.

3. For even better effects, especially for distant healing, I tried adding color, brightness, and special effects to the shape itself, and I am very pleased with the results. Now here is what some others are doing.

From article contributor Jim Fallon:
1. I took a small piece of paper and drew the healing shape of a circle on it, and in this example I also wrote in the center of the circle, Heal, eyes!, and colored it a golden color. I then crunched up this paper, and attached it to my arm with a safety pin before going to sleep. The idea is that as the body flips and turns during the night, the paper will make a crackle sound, that the Ku will here, and reinforce the effect all night long.
2. During Kahi healing, I envisioned a circle between the hands from the points on the body the hands touch, to assist in the healing effect.
3. Enhancing medications, I “charged medications", per the method of charging objects given in your new book. In this case, I envisioned small “X’s” impregnating the medication to Stop! Side effects from the medication and little circles in the medication to enhance healing effects.
4. I have also tried this with DynaMind, and when performing the seven “taps”, envisioning, say, a golden circle at each tap point.
5. I woke up this morning and had a problem with the vision in my right eye. The vision was extremely blurred and doubled. I started to apply the "healing symbol method", and vision restored to 90%.
6. Before going to work, I used a safety pin on the paper of a circle, crunched it up, and pinned it to my forearm. This way, movements at work caused the paper to make a sound, which reinforced healing intent at work.
7. See the healing symbol any size you want over an area, situation or person involved, move the healing symbol the slightest bit in the direction it wishes to go and let go. Feel what is different. Seems like the tiniest movement makes the biggest shift.
8. When I do this technique, I do it with Kahi. For example, my left hand is one point of a triangle, my right hand is a second point, and at my navel I place the tip of the triangle. There, I have a triangle in front of me. Then I put inside the triangle the image that which I wish to CHANGE and ROTATE it just 1 inch to the left and up to the left another inch. I feel a shift IMMEDIATELY. It feels like I 'go into' another dimension. 9. My right hand was bothering me from repetitive stress from using my computer mouse. I made an imaginary box that contained all the healing symbols, then I put my hand in that box. The pain was gone just like that. I then thought you can make a box like this, of any size, and put anything into it that you want, including yourself.

From Luca, an Italian friend:
1. I used the circle and the triangle where I work and spent a wonderful day without stress.
2. A negative thought tried to settle in my head, but using the "X" I managed to block it effectively.

From Alakai Candidate Stadtschamanin Seijin:
1. I was wondering how I could fulfill the three roles I chose for my life, namely, mother, shaman, and businesswoman. The initial incentive to use the shapes came from a very strong cold I caught, which led me to ask "heaven" what the message was. So I built a ritual for myself using the triangle shape. I put three stones on every angle, directed one of the angles to South, invited Hathor, and sat in the middle of the triangle. I expected to be loaded with more energy and power, but something completely different happened. I was taught instead of loaded :))) Very simple lessons, but in a deeper way, helping me to feel and imagine more clearly, how to direct my attention. I was taught to stay in the middle of the triangle with my main attention (staying "centered"), where I already sat physically :))) and "viewing" the three fields from the center. In other words: in my daily life not to hop from role to role, but to serve them from a conscious centered state. To make those three into one "power life", my special mixture, instead of fufilling different single roles... After the ritual, my cold was immediately gone.
2. I made a drawing of a symbol, which came to my mind during the ritual, which I use now as a reminder, whenever I start to feel work-overloaded. It is designed to show how the three roles can be integrated into one continuous flow. (NOTE: You can see this symbol in Creative Corner in this update).

From Alakai Candidate Margrit Strauss:
1. I worked with healing shapes during osteopathic treatment in moments when healing forces stand still and there is no movement and force to overcome the "strain"pattern. I imagined for the patient two triangles in the body. One is connecting the occiput area of the axis down to both hips. The second connects the top of the coccyx following the shape of the sacrum up to both shoulders. In the next seconds the force comes in and the pattern immediately comes into balance. I did that about five or six times and it worked super even though I forgot to state the keywords. I did some variations using the two triangles. When I put a square in the lower triangle this gave a more solid energy, less moving. A circle in the upper part of the triangle occiput-hipps gave a more smoothing energy.

From Angelika in Germany:
1. I started with the circle and I had much fun because I decided to change my habitual stressful view on healing. Now, I consider the experiment like a joyful game rather then a serious exercise. It works. First I experimented with the healing circle as a thought form as you suggested. Then I realized that during the day I can see circles everywhere. I empower them when I become aware of them by saying "heal me," internally or out loud. So, I have lots of opportunities to remember the game. For example, traffic lights as a combination of the circles, the Huna colors and the wording as follows: Red - There are NO LIMITS (for healing); Yellow - Heal me NOW; Green - with LOVE! and: Start!
2. Projecting circles as thought forms around my body or organs or around people or into rooms or situations. Fun: Seeing people in the Metro or bus with long sticks moving many circles around at the same time like in the circus. Moving circles are very inspiring.
3. Projecting circles as thought forms with different colors, sparkling gold is my favorite, or filling them with colors like discs.
4. I use the circles as a reminder for my dream practice: For Instance, in the dark, round lights of the cars are very good for that because of the classic teaching that in lucid dreaming we become aware of the universal light of consciousness.
5. I also combined the circle and the cross and I am thinking about a Huna Mandala with all the symbols. I will inform you about what comes out.
6. Results: I don't know exactly if these exercises are the only reason why my hot flashes diminished in frequency, shortened considerably and are milder. I will observe this a little bit more. But in fact, I have a new effective means to reduce actual stress or to cope less seriously with critical situations with people and in everyday life. As a summary I can say that it sets free a lot of creativity, joy and fun.

From Carlos Capocasa in Austria:
1. I just reproduced something you did with circle, triangle, square, cross. I used circles to heal tension in my back that has been bothering me a lot, and a triangle to increase my self-esteem, just like you had when you received extra compliments. I've been having a rough time at work in terms of how satisfied my bosses have been with my performance, but today one of them showed up to mention that while actually she was on her way out and had to get going, she did think it was a good time to tell me I had improved a lot and she was very pleased now with how I'm doing. Not bad! Thanks!

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