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House Of Huna
by Margrit Strauss

Second Life is a virtual world and "House of Huna" is a meeting point to teach Huna owned by Serge Kahili King .

The world is virtual, but the teaching is real. Serge devotes his time, love and knowledge to us and he loves it too, to meet and to talk in a weekly Huna Discussion Group and monthly giving a teaching at the Huna Talk.

Both are ongoing events and free of charge.

The weekly Huna Discussion Group takes place at Wednesdays at 8am Hawaiian Standard Time. This gives you the possibility to connect with people from all over the world to talk about Huna, personal and global things, or even a new healing technique to Serge and others. Often you see that the question you would ask yourself and you have been alone with somebody else asks too.

The answers and ideas of others in this meeting are very helpful and it is a friendly and attentive atmosphere. After a while you forget that this is a virtual meeting space and it is like really talking together.

As Second Life is a virtual world, you will need to go to and join (for free). Then you will have to download the Second Life Viewer, which is an application that you open on your computer to "enter" the virtual world. This procedure will take a bit of your time, but your effort will be rewarded and it is possible. Because me--being not a talent in computer things--and others made it there. Next you will create an avatar representing your body in the virtual world. You will dress this avatar and learn how to move with the four arrows on your keyboard or your mouse and last but not least you will be asked to name your Avatar.

Serge said that you should choose your name carefully, because you will have it for a long time there. Some people use their own name and some make up a new name. Serge was required to create a new name, Kahili Writer, because he joined a long time ago.

For all this you need not spend any money, but you can convert real money into Linden Dollars so you can buy things in Second Life if you want to.

Now you are ready to meet Kahili Writer and other Hunatics. To go to the House of Huna (Hale Huna), you paste or type in your browser: life/Hitaki/180/202/82
then you click on "Visit This Location." You find this link also at Calendar Page.

You teleport to the given link then you will be in front of the door from the "House of Huna"and with a right mouse click on the doorhandle you can open the door and you are free to enter at any time as Kahili Writer once said.

When you are in the room on the floor there is the Eye of Kanaloa with sitting pillows. Do a right mouse-click on a cushion and choose "Sit Here" or "Meditate." Your avatar will automatically sit down. In the middle of the Eye of Kanaloa there is a rotating symbol of the earth and on the walls around you are very nice pictures.

To go there is a adventurous journey rich with wonderful possibilities. Mahalo, Serge!

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