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My Friend Abraham
by Serge Kahili King

Last year I was very sad to hear of the passing of my friend, Abraham Kawai'i, later known as Aua'ia Maka'i'ole. Recently I came across some photos of Abraham, and that inspired me to share a few of my memories of him.

Abraham, as I always knew him, had been my friend for a long time. We met in California in the early days of Aloha International. He was a guest at my home on several occasions, and he gave his incredible massages to most of my staff, including my wife, Gloria.

Abraham was a master of many disciplines related to Hawaiian culture, and he was a featured speaker at our Makahiki Festival in Upland, California in 1986. The photo shows him with myself and Morrnah Simeona on a panel at the Festival. We sent students to each other on a regular basis and he taught courses on Feng Shui, Bibliomancy, and Navigation at our center in Santa Monica. My wife also took a course from him in Anahola on improving vision, and we both still use some of the techniques he taught.

We attended a workshop together on Kauai, given by a marketing expert from California. Everyone who didn't know him and his sense of humor treated him like a revered spiritual master that you had to tip toe around. He was a spiritual master, of course, but he didn't like to be treated like one. When it came time to state why we were there, Abraham shocked most of the people by saying, "I want to make a lot of money by selling a house." The photo shows Abraham blowing bubbles at a party.

What I really liked about his teaching was his way of getting people to focus narrowly on the present moment and then gradually expand their viewpoint until it included the whole universe. Below are some excerpts from an interview he gave to The Whole Life Times in 1988, an issue which featured both of us:

WLT: I have great respect for the Huna tradition, and your position as one of the very few Kahuna's practicing and teaching on the mainland. Therefore, I hope that you will feel free to share with us your information about Huna.

AK: The Huna tradition is three to five thousand years old. What I am doing now is bringing forth the principles of that ancient wisdom and formulating it in such a way that it is applicable for the people in this time period.

The basic principle of the art that I am practicing is an encompassing one, the spiritual understanding that everything is related to everything. The Huna training is geared to that. By looking at everything in that way, everything gets refined every moment of your life.

The Kahuna training develops deep simplicity through observation and application of oneself, of nature and natural rhythms.... WLT: What would you like to see happen in the world as a result of your work? AK: I'm looking forward to seeing beings of the world acting as themselves and understanding who they are, able to understand where all things have come from and how all things can be affected by either movement, thought, word, motion - action. You learn that in the Kahuna training by how you react in situations.

What I really liked about him as a person was his way of smiling at you, and his great, big hugs. One of the last times I saw him we shared 'awa together, which he had prepared himself from the roots.

Abraham was a great person, and a great friend. We didn't see much of each other during his last years because we were both so busy, but the friendship remained.

We miss you, Abraham, and we wish you great happiness wherever you go.

Ho'okahi no kaunu like ana i Waialoha - We will all enjoy friendliness at Waialoha.

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