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Aka Threads and Quantum Entanglement
by Jim Fallon

Quantum entanglement deals with the appearance of two or more objects. It tells us that if two objects interact with each other and then separate, the two objects remain under each other's influence provided they are unobserved. When an observation occurs of either object the other object instantaneously behaves as if it too was observed even though the objects in question may be miles apart. After the observation the two objects behave independently of each other. Quantum Entanglement implies some kind of a connection between these particles. The Hawaiian concept of aka implies the same thing.

As Dr. King states in his article, "The Body of God," "whatever you come into contact with through any of the senses results in the automatic creation of a sticky aka thread that serves as a continuous link between you which is activated by thought and which makes future contact easier." Using a slightly different metaphor, he also says, "When you pick up a rock, for instance, the aka field of the rock retains an impression of your energy pattern and your aka field retains an impression of the rock's pattern."

What Quantum physics is saying is that in the quantum world of the "small", there is an inter connectedness of all things. This is the same idea that indigenous peoples have.

You can intentionally create "aka threads" or links, with a little more focused energy, and you can also dissolve them, and dissolve any threads that no longer are serving a useful purpose.

To make a more conscious connection, vividly imagine a power center as a color projecting an intense light arching up, out and over to connect to another's power center, such as their crown, brow, shoulders, or heart centers. For example, a simple guided visualization exercise could be:

Imagine a connection taking place between the forehead power centers. Visualize an intense violet light emanating from your forehead center ... imagine this light. Create it with the power of your mind. See this light projecting out, connecting your forehead center to the forehead center of another person.

Another very effective aka link that can also be conducted by one person in their "mental garden" would be imagining the colors and threads connecting to another person at a distant location. This is really enhanced telepathy -- enhanced by the aka thread.

A practical application of this technique is in dealing with potential employers. Before an interview, establish an aka thread between yourself and the prospective employer. Then, after the connection is established, imagine information and images of how and why you would be the right choice for this position.

One could also use "root" Piko Piko, a healing technique, in a distant healing application. In your mental garden, establish a thread projecting from, say your heart center to the client's center, and another thread from their area of affliction to a similiar point on your body. Then establish a third single thread, extending from the base of your spine into Mother earth. This Mother earth connection is not established with the client. It is for you, to transfer these energies into Mother Earth to be absorbed. This connection is more of a psychological mantle for you than anything else.

Then simply just switch your attention from one thread to the other. One could use different colored threads to help switch the attention.

To dissolve the thread, simply imagine it dissolving/ disappearing, or simply being cut.

One can also travel to their mental garden, and while in their garden, ask for all the threads that were established that are no longer serving a beneficial purpose to appear in your garden as weeds. Then, take a gardening tool out of your tool shed, and begin removing and cutting these weeds. One could also use your mysterious Menehune people whose magical powers would always be available to friendly humans, and have them assist in tilling your garden.

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