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The Alohamana Technique
by Peter Nebres

I have been an avid follower of the Huna Village website and the teachings of Serge Kahili King for years. i have also been following the various alternative sites referring to the new physics which tells us that there is such a thing as an all encompassing energy that can be tapped individually and even mechanically.

All of these sites have enabled me to gain a belief that the word aloha is more than just a word. because it is has so many meanings. The wise ancients must have made sure that by its many uses, it and other key Hawaiian words would not disappear completely. it turns out these words may really be power words that can modify reality if we so desire it.

I have experimented with the word aloha as a means of modifying or influencing reality, and the results have been absolutely astounding.

Here is the experimental process I have developed:
1. Inhale slowly while silently saying "alo."
2. At the same time, focus your energy in your heart as if there were a spinning golden ball of energy inside or surrounding it.
3. Exhale quickly as you silently say "ha!"
4. After the exhale, pause and silently say a positive command like "make my keys appear now!" Always say the word "now" to reinforce the idea that now is the moment of power.
5. At the same time, expand the energy outward from your heart, or if it's for a person, surround them with the energy.
6. Repeat four times.
7. Breathe normally and silently repeat "mahalo" three times.

I started doing this last year and the results have been quite incredible, sometimes even unnerving in their effectiveness. Lost keys magically appeared in my back pocket for example. On a trip I used it to avoid getting lost and even for having good weather when I needed it. I can even call my pet cat anytime i want using this technique.

However, the most remarkable results have been with people. In one case a negative, insecure, defensive, and lost person changed dramatically when I used the technique and intoned "make her find the right way now!" This happened when I was in another country. It has been used to calm down angry people and to influence others to be more cooperative.

Lately I've been using this technique to generally "bring in more light, love, and healing to the planet now!" I envision a ball of energy shooting outward from the center of the planet all the way to the surface affecting all things. This is to ensure that things will go well for the U.S. economy and the world as we go through economic, social, and possibly geographical changes.

I wish to emphasize that this is an experimental process, and my purpose in writing about it is to ask as many people as possible to try it out and provide feedback on their experiences. With your help we will be able to learn more about it, share it more widely if it works for more people, and maybe find ways to refine it even further. If you wish to participate in this experiment, please send your results to

As per the request of the author of this article, below is a modification recommended by Jim Fallon:

1. Inhale slowly through the mouth while mentally silently saying "alo." See if you can make the sound of the incomming breath, or hear the sound of "alo" in the incoming breath. This is the astral sound of the word "alo"

2. At the same time, focus your energy in your heart as if there were a spinning golden ball of energy inside the heart or surrounding it. Make the size of the golden ball about the size of a golf ball.

3. Exhale through the open mouth as you mentally silently say "ha!" Hear the sound of the "ha" in the exhaled breath. See the Golden energy ball projecting from your heart into your external world. See the golden energy ball expanding outward from your heart and radiating into the world around you.

4. An alternative to this is to create the mental image of the desired outcome as though it has already happened, inside the small golden ball of light, and then project the golden ball of light with the mental image contained, and see that image radiating out into the world around you.

5. You could also send energy to a person, using the same idea, expand and project the energy outward from your heart, and surround them with the energy, or see the golden ball of light entering their heart area.

6. Repeat four times.

7. Breathe normally and silently repeat "mahalo" (this means thank you) three times, while imagining the cord of energy you sent to another is dissolved and has done its job.

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