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Angry Illnesses
by Serge Kahili King

This article is specifically related to allergies, asthma, arthritis, headaches, itching, rashes, irritability, chronic fatigue, candida, and environmental illnesses.

Since many individuals experience similar conditions, and since many conditions have similar causes or related components, this article contains general information to give people with these conditions some practical ideas and techniques to assist them in changing their condition. It is intended only as a suppelement to any relevant professional advice that they may seek or receive.

Physical aspects
Muscle tension is always a factor in these conditions, so anything you can do to relax your muscles will be very helpful in stimulating circulation and removing toxins. As appropriate for your condition and your personal preferences, consider massage, simple meditation or self hypnosis, hot soaks or steam baths, or stretching exercises. Cutting down on coffee, black or green tea, and sugar will help to reduce tension, as will a balanced diet, anti-stress vitamins, and calming herbal teas, plus increased plain water intake. Walking and regular deep breathing will also be helpful.

Emotional Aspects
It is frequently the case that these conditions are either caused by or aggravated by resentment toward some person, thing, or event, and in some cases there may be guilt added to that. As long as you continue to hold feelings of resentment or guilt, the body will be in a contant state of readiness for fight or flight, which maintains muscle tension, increases the build-up of toxins, and upsets the body's chemical balance. The only real cure for resentment and guilt is forgiveness. In very practical terms, forgiveness is the process of deciding that whatever happened in the past is no longer important today. To the degree that you can decide that the event is no longer important, your body will relax and its natural powers of healing will be strengthened. You start the process with words like "I forgive this completely," "It doesn't matter any more," "I don't care about it now," "That was then and this is now, and life goes on," or whatever works for you. You may have to repeat it a lot, and you may have to work on a number of events. You know the forgiveness is complete when you can think of the event without anger, guilt, or tension. This is not easy, but it is a vital part of the healing.

Mental Aspects
Very commonly, these conditions are also aggravated by criticism. Criticism is so much a part of our culture and upbringing that many people are hardly aware of doing it. Yet, every time you criticize anything your body tenses up a little bit and your system gets a bit out of balance. The more you criticize people, things, and events, the more tension builds up in your body until you become supersensitive to viruses, allergens, and toxins. Fortunately, there is an antidote. The effects of criticism are neutralized by praise or compliments. In other words, every time you acknowledge something as good (beautiful, useful, pleasurable, etc.) your body relaxes a bit and your system gets back a bit into balance. It is extremely beneficial for the conditions we are talking about to cut down on your criticizing, and to greatly increase your compliments and praise. It doesn't matter what you compliment--people, nature, talents, skills, beauty, anything will work. Each compliment helps to bring your mind, emotions, body, and spirit back into harmony.

Spiritual Aspects
We are not alone in the universe, and we do not have to try and solve all our problems by ourselves. It is good to ask other people for help--relative, friends, experts, and professionals--and it is also good to seek help from Spirit. Even if you are not a believer in a particular religion, it is good to assume that there is a powerful, loving Spirit greater than you who will respond in some way to a request for help. Just think of such a Spirit and say something like, "Please help me" or "Thank you for helping me." And then trust that somehow, in some way, the help will come, maybe immediately, or maybe in a short while, according to your particular circumstances and your level of trust.

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