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There's Always Another Way
by Susan Pa'iniu Floyd

Have you ever been frustrated wanting to protect young people from making mistakes? Have you learned through the years some great ways to change your thinking and so your life, but your children aren't listening?

I recently visited friends who have a wonderful family, children who love them and each other very much. I arrived at a time when a lot was happening and got to witness their lives under unusual stress. The parents were assisting to ease the stress as best they could. Even so, sometimes things were said and done by their children that reflected the high levels of tension.

I wanted to share with the children how important it was for their own health to maintain loving thoughts in the midst of the chaos, but there wasn't a right moment. And after all, I was an outsider. So I sit back now and examine my own frustration, and realize how hard it must be to be parents. As a teacher, I can feel good that I can at least plant seeds and trust they will grow at the best time and conditions. But as a parent, you are still deeply connected while the seeds are waiting to grow. How do you sit by and watch?

The only thing I can think of is to remember how important it was to be me, doing my own thing at 18. Right or wrong, it was me and so it was right for that time. Helping others at first level (speaking directly to them) is not always effective.

I am grateful I had options as my mind and body eventually cried out for change. I am grateful that Serge went public with his gifted wisdom from Hawaii. But I also think he and others must have been practicing shaman healing and sending little knudges out. How else could a stubborn, very conventional, young woman like me get a feeling to change and then find my way to his classes? Whether you believe in Angels or Goddesses or the power of Shamans to focus from a distance, these are very real and very powerful ways to connect when words just can't do it.

Best of all, you don't have to be a shaman to help people in this way, and you don't have to give it a name. Just wish good for someone and imagine them having it. Or think of someone who is having a problem and imagine sending them a package of whatever knowledge or insights you have to share. Treat this like you are giving them a gift, and they can do whatever they want with it, without any obligation to act accordingly or even thank you for it. Whether it is to a child or a parent, a friend or a spouse, a colleague or a stranger, there is always another way to communicate.

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