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Changing Reality Through Appreciation
by Wendy Nielsen

How does appreciation help us change our reality?

Not all forms of appreciation are the same. In studying with Serge Kahili King, his little pink Aloha booklet gives ideas about appreciation. As you apply the concept, you will find that it is a stepping stone to the deeper meaning of appreciation and its value.

So, what exactly is appreciation?

Appreciation is a sense, a feeling. That feeling is one of gratitude and of humbleness. And being humble doesn't necessarily mean subjecting yourself to anyone or anything but rather being able to accept your own good with gratitude.

So, by what means do we show our appreciation?

Money is a form of appreciation saying, "I value this at this price." If you give money begrudgingly, it is not appreciation. Giving a gift is another form of appreciation. The same with saying, "thank you." You can practice the many tones of voice in saying "thank you" and decide which of them sound sincere. It is the sincerity that shows our appreciation.

Smiling is a way of showing appreciation, not only with your mouth but also your eyes. Admiring is way of showing appreciation. If you truly admire things, you don't have, but would like to have, you will draw that to you. So instead of envying someone's body or prosperity, you admire that with appreciation instead, and say, "Isn't that wonderful?" and mean it, you will then begin to draw that to you.

You might find other ways of showing appreciation.

When you truly appreciate something, you set energy in motion to draw good back to you. When you find yourself "expecting" good all the time, and being disappointed when it isn't forthcoming, check in with your sense of appreciation.

So in essence, appreciation is sending good energy out and we know that whatever we send out comes back to us multiplied.

Go ahead and appreciate the clean air you breathe, the beautiful landscape, the sun, the moon the stars, and, anything you want to materialize in your own life. And keep doing that. Find a minute every day to appreciate something or show your appreciation for something. Perhaps write it down. The more you appreciate, the more you attract your own good.

Effectiveness is the measure of truth. So how do you know how effective your appreciation is? Look at your life. Is it better? Do you have what you want?

Make your life an attitude of gratitude and see what happens.

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