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"Astral Travel, Time travel, and Remote Viewing"
by Jim Fallon

For centuries, mystics and shamans have left their physical bodies to explore higher planes of consciousness in the astral worlds. Many people have glimpsed these realms through dreams, illness, or spontaneous awakenings. Astral travel or astral projection is a shift in your reference point, or a change in shifting from one state of consciousness to another. It involves changing your point of reference, as in Einstein's Theory of Relativity; many observations are changed by changing the "measuring" or observation point of reference. It is this lifting of the "energy body" in to different realms of consciousness and returning with the memory of what as taken place.

Astral projection is the actual bi-location of the physical body at one place and the "energy" body in another. The difference is that one's consciousness is transferred to that "energy" body. When the "energy" body returns, the journey is remembered by the degree of continuity of consciousness the traveler as developed. Astral projection is used to gather knowledge.

Time travel and Journeying:
Ka Waena Iho (The Personal Garden). Follow the instructions Dr. King gives in Urban Shaman: "Imagine an inner garden with everything you want to increase your energy as much as you desire."

This is also the "middle world". This is the spiritual dimension of our physical world. It is where the Native American scouts went to see the real lay of the land, for hunting and protection of the tribes. Astral Travel in the middle world is in present time. You can simply go to your inner garden, see a path there straight out in front of you, and travel it, with a clear intention and purpose for your journey. Another way is to travel this path way, arrive at a portal, enter the portal by turning right, as if you were to walk though a doorway and turn right to continue your journey.

Remote Viewing, another term for Astral travel, is a matter of mentally projecting to another person or a distant location and observing with your inner eyes what is taking place there, what your target person is doing and/or details of the distant location. Your mental consciousness is just extended to that distant location.

To perform Remote Viewing: Once you're relaxed and are at ease in your garden, begin to visualize the person you'd like to view ( or the location desired to see). Capture their essence in your mind -- how they look, how they move, the sound of their voice -- everything. Then if you want to connect, as you walk through the portal door turning right, say, "I now want to perceive information about where (name of person or location) is, what he's doing, how he's feeling, etc." Be open to everything that comes in -- every thought, feeling and emotion. To return, go to the portal again, pass thru it turning left to again enter your garden.

Another method for doing this is to just envision that your personal garden is slowly changing and becoming exactly like the area you want to travel to, or that the garden just changes landscape for who and where the person is that you want to visit.

Another technique that one can use on time travel journeys is the use to the Time Device. Simply imagine that the palm of your left hand is the face of a clock, with a date readout. Mentally take the index finger of your right hand, point it at the open left hand clock date and set the desired time and date by rotating the index finger of the right hand one revolution per desired time increment. For example to advance ten units of time rotate the face of the clock ten times clock wise. To go in to the past ten units of time, rotate the face of the device ten rotations counter-clockwise.

Other Journeys:
Lanikeha (The Upper World). To enter from your inner garden go through an opening in the the sky, or climb up a mountain, or just float upwards until pass through an entrance way into the upper world. Dr. King states in Urban Shaman that the goal is to listen and learn from the spirits of Nature. This is usually future time, spirit guides and teachers, destiny retrieval , shape shifting to your future self. Return to you inner garden by going thru the portal and climbing down.

Milu (The Underworld or lower world)). From your inner garden, go under the ground , walk down into the earth thru under ground tunnels, caves, stone stairs etc, reach the entrance doorway to the under world and pass through this portal. Dr. King states in Urban Shaman that the lower world is used to heal the symbols of big problems. This is usually the past, and power animals, soul retrieval. Return to you inner garden by climbing up to you inner garden.

Bali Hai (The Gathering Place). From your inner garden, As Dr. King states in Urban Shaman, go to an island where you can communicate with or heal the spirits of other people. One way to do this journey is to travel along a path in your inner garden and come to a shore line or beach. You see a distant island off in the distant, and either swim to it or find a canoe and paddle to it, land on the island and explore it. Return to your inner garden by taking the canoe back to the shore line or beach area of your inner garden.

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