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How To Attract Money
by Jim Fallon

In evening go over the day's events and reflect on what you did do and didn't do, what you might have done better or could have done differently. This may not seem like it has anything to do with attracting money, but it does. In this reflection, you may find some things that you would like to correct, or do over again, or things that you would have done in a different way if you had the chance.

What this is really doing is making you more aware of yourself, changing your internal self image of yourself. You start to remove self sabotage. When you do this reflection, and you feel that you may have done something wrong, there is a level of guilt that enters into your inner world, your inner consciousness ,and can cause limitations mental stress, confinement and restrictions. This causes you to feel limited, and that you only deserve so much in life.

The goal of this little internal focusing exercise is to get to a point where when you do reflect, nothing comes up in your awareness that you feel that you could have done differently, or you don't need to do over to correct it. Now your attitude towards yourself is changing.

The attraction of money is based on attitude. When your attitude improves, you have freed the confinement and limitations and your sense self worth increases. This helps in opening up your sphere of what is available to you in the universe. This is the beginning step in turning yourself into a money magnet.

With a bad or limited image of money, you will vibrate the aura around you and you will attract exactly what you are putting out, a restricted or limited availability of money flowing into your life. The opposite is true as well. If you have an unrestricted attitude and good self image regarding money, that it exists in abundant quantities and there is enough money in the world to satisfy your wants and needs, your electromagnetic field of your aura will send this vibration out and attract money to you.

One way of doing this is to simply journey to the Inner Garden of the future and meet a double of yourself who has already obtained the status and skill of being a money magnet. You can grok or merge with that mental version of yourself to obtain those skills and attitudes regarding money, and grokking allows you to bring those skills within you to use in your life.

This act of grokking changes your auric electromagnet vibration and opens up your sphere of availability and attracts money and situations to make money into your life.

You can also use the Still Point technique to activate your aura. The Still Point exercise acts like turning on an electrical current to a electromagnet, your Aura. During the Still Point exercise, when you have finished placing awareness at the various centers and come to rest at the navel, see money coming to you like a magnet attracts iron, attracted to you from all sides of your body, front back and sides. After doing this, you will find opportunities coming to you and money situations opening up.

Again, this technique changes your auric vibration to be attuned to the vibration of money, and by having the same vibration as money, money will flow to you.

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