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"Bali Hai Calls You ..."
Jo Danieli

Since a certain evening in my childhood I had been followed by the melody and some words of a song out of the movie "South Pacific": "Bali Hai", whisper women's voices, "... calls you, Bali Hai calls you ..." Well, the term "Bali Hai" is not familiar to many people on this planet at all. The fact that I had been humming it for decades, silently, more inside myself than openly like a song you would hum, is outstanding for a German native speaker of a young age. I became aware of it, now and then, but never paid too much attention to it. I could barely remember the movie. Until I got in contact with the Huna-philosophy (first through Serge King, then through Max Long, then through Tad James and then found out, that the most knowledge about it I had gotten through myself, and after all through Huna International and some books on Hawaiian history). Suddenly I had a reason to deal with the Pacific. And it did not take long until I encountered the term "Bali Hai" as the name of the mountain in the very northern part of Kaua'i, right above Ke'e-beach. When I saw that place the first time, it felt like I had been looking for it all my life. Then I "met" "Bali Hai" again in a book during my research for my own-book-project. In Hawai'i, the term "Pali Uli" seems of similar meaning, a place of perfection, ecstasy and just "lea", joy of any kind. "Shambhala" is a maybe better known term for it, a place of wisdom and "kanaloa" - great peace. Researchers have been trying to discover those spiritual concepts as real places somewhere on the planet ... and countless myths "wili" with them (intermingle).

Several days after I had "met" "Bali Hai", the sound of my childhood and teenage-years in that book, I felt a strange, quite unusual need: I couldn't help walking into the city of Vienna, Austria (I lived in the outskirts of that town) to watch a movie - in the middle of the day. Well, I had just started to really dig into those documentations about Hawai'ian history and all the books on Huna I had gotten a hold of and I needed to work, but furthermore, I was willing to listen to my "gut". Had just learned about my Ku-aspect.

I chose a love-story with brilliant actors. And, believe me, I desperately tried to get into that movie, but either there was a wrong time given in the paper, the cinema was closed, they had stopped showing the movie already or I was too early or too late. I gave it up after five attempts in different theaters to buy myself a ticket and enjoy. Pretty annoyed, I sat down in a cafe, where a drunk guy told me I was ugly, should better wear a bra and had done much harm to him as a witch in a former life...that was it for me. After a useless cup of coffee I dragged myself onto the way home. And passed another movie-theater. Minutes later I was waiting for the first best movie to start. I did not even know the title. In one of the first scenes, one of the actors was taking a shower singing "Bali Hai, Bali Hai" ... And from that moment on (after I had recovered from that feeling like having been cut right through my waistline with a chain saw) I sat like glued to the seat with eyes big like wheels (good that I was by myself). It was all about a crew of scientists that were to look for signs of extraterrestrial life in a crashed and sunken UFO in the Pacific Ocean between Hawai'i and the American west-coast.

Those scientists ended up being "'ana'ana'ed" (spell-stricken) by a magical sphere which was found on board. That thing symbolized kind of an alien being that dramatically changed the humans at first contact with it; suddenly they had the power - without realizing it - to make their very fears and really bad ideas come true. Whatever they would imagine and with whatever subject they would deal the most - they would experience it! Wow! (I still am thrilled by the mere thought of that afternoon.) One of the main questions of mine as a beginning "student of huna-principles" had been, "Why only the good visions should manifest, if one works with one's power of focus ... why not the bad ones?" Most Huna-teachers (especially out of the Long traditions with little interest in the Hawai'ian spiritual traditions) kind of bypass that subject. At that time I had mostly read about the good stuff, nobody really had pointed out, that the bad stuff DOES get manifested, too, and that is exactly the problem on earth: People think about what they do NOT want the most - instead of focusing solely on what they do WISH to experience. The problem IS there already: You always have to focus on the solution!

You get what you focus on - if there is no greater mana against your main beliefs and intentions (even the unknown ones), due to other sources of influence. The universe doesn't make a difference between good and bad. It gives you what is of the most importance for you.

Did my focus on this question draw me into that movie-theater? Was it "Bali Hai"? How far back do the "aka"-threads reach that made me experience that (and made me write my book on the spiritual aspects that all teachings and knowledge of the world have in common?) However: I had NEEDED that movie to go on with my work. And something happened inside me that afternoon: something became very, very quiet. It was as if for the first time im my very life, I felt the utmost respect for myself, and more than that: I was honored to be ME. I know: I am part of the Cosmos network and one of its influential forces.

I had just - one day ago - ritually strengthened my main-focus for the work on my book: "Whatever I need to know and to find out, it will come to me, so that my work will be complete and perfect." (Well, seven more years would pass until I reached the point to be able to stop doing research and stop editing the book and call it finished; right at the end of the Uranus-influenced-period-when-Aquarians-could-really-do-great-humanitarian-stuff...and those seven years were full of experiences you would not even dream of.)

The main characters in the movie "Sphere" (with Sharon Stone, as far as I remember) allowed themselves to live their fears and evil thoughts and scared themselves and others to death, they slid from one catastrophe into the next. All the others who did not gain that "supernatural power", became victims of the super-manifestors, who handled their mana awkwardly to the greatest extent. As the evil creators they were, they caused the effects of destructors.

Finally they did discover what was up with them - and, boy, were they thrilled. Yes, they started to figure out some things about how to discipline themselves and handle their "fate". But did they understand that it was up to them, to use that power for the good for good? No.

This is how the story ended: By means of their power they GAVE UP their power. Well, we have seen Merlin, the formerly immortal Druid from the "King-Arthur-legends" do that (because of love for a wicked woman) And where else have we seen that? Right: I am talking about beings giving up their creative power by using exactly that power!? Right again: HUMANS do. Almost every single one. All the time.

The old prophecy, that in the "Age of Aquarius" everything will change to the better can only be fulfilled if ALL humans understand the "Aquarian" spirit: WE are the co-creators of our world. It is the new self-image that will "save" the world. No giant Messiah. No super-teaching. Just the understanding, that the new motto has to be the Aquarian "I KNOW", replacing the Pisces motto "I BELIEVE" (meaning: I obey authorities; in the new Aquarian spirit the Homo sapiens got to understand: I am the only authority that really counts.) Well, the heroes of the movie "made it": They gathered all their mind's "new" power of manifesting thoughts - the Hawai'ians of old would have called that "kukulu kumuhana", focusing on a common goal and putting together all available "mana" - and they concentrated real hard...and they got rid of their power of manifesting thoughts.

My fellow-Austrian, the psychologist and professor of a Mental-Health-Research-institute in California, Dr. Paul Watzlawick, perfectly cynically points out to the fact, that the ability to influence our own future is commonly denied because of a very good reason: With the arrival even at the greatest destination a new "danger" is connected - the feeling of helplessly struggling with "And what next?" A hangover. A kind of emptiness when the climax had been reached (excuse the strong language). With all those new responsibilities, knowing that one IS a manifestor, the human might feel overwhelmed. Everybody knows deep inside about that "danger" (as Watzlawick calls it). It implies the unavoidable readiness of giving up the habit of blaming others. The not-yet-reached-goal always seems to be more worth longing for, more romantic and glorious than the real one could ever be. The path is the goal, some philosopher says.

But hey, people, do NOT fool yourself: Every little step that you are able to make on your path and everything you experience IS already due to YOUR influence, anyway! So if you like it or not: You are creators. All the time. Even if you get yourself into the situation of being able to deny it.

Bali Hai is everywhere, if you let it be. The place of kanaloa: The great peace within yourself. To experience that you have to accept what, who and how you are, and what you are able and obliged to do in your life within the cosmic network.

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