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Reach Beyond the Form
by Rev. Michelle Khan

When spirit talks it's time for us to listen. Spirit has spoken to me and made me aware that it is time for me to quit ignoring the voices in my head and begin writing. This realization began years ago as I began writing my thoughts down in a journal. When spirit asked me to write, the thoughts of unworthiness came to mind. I realize that was a limited belief about myself. I realize now that I AM worthy and that as I surrender, Divine spirit will work through me. Just yesterday the message came again that I am a teacher and that I must write. I asked the question of spirit, "what can I teach?" The following words flowed through my hand onto the paper. I hope that it can inspire in some small way. Blessings to each of you.

Realize that we are beyond this form, we are spirit. The limits of this form are limited to the intellect, go beyond the intellect, beyond reason to find the answers. Every problem has hundreds of solutions. YOU are the creator of your own destiny, of your life.

First decide what it is that you wish to create. It begins with a thought, with a dream. Go deep within the heart and decide what it is that you would love to do. Decide what you were meant to do. If you love children, find a way to be with children. If you love music, find a way to be near music. If you love to dance, find a way to be able to dance. If you love to write, find a way to open the channels to write. Yes it all begins with a thought, a dream, a vision.

Thought is energy and energy flows where your attention goes. Begin now to make those even small changes in your life. "Fine tune" those talents that bring you JOY. Show gratitude for everything good in your life. Now is the moment of Power and you are the clay, ready to be molded. Go beyond the form. Form as we know this physical body limits us and limits our thinking. We are not our labels, we are pure potentiality. It's been said by hundreds of people in hundreds of ways that "We are what we think". As long as we're stuck in this form, we are limited in our thinking.

Meditation is the key to creating what you want in your life. Meditation can be in many forms. Sitting in silence, walking in nature, meditating in a group, doing a form of martial arts such as Tai Chi or Qigong. What ever your choice, meditation is the key to creating the reality that YOU choose. The intellect limits you, once you get out of your head, you're able to tap into the collective consciousness where all potential lies.

Take this moment to reevaluate your life. Is this the life you choose?

Realize that your life can change and change rapidly if you make the choice to change it. It all begins with a thought. Meditate and get in touch with your own intuition and make a conscious choice to bring JOY back into your life. Those things that seem so important now, really are not as important as bringing joy back into your life.

Create the life you choose. YOU are the creator of your own destiny.

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