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Birthing Peace
by Fern Merle-Jones

A friend of mine is writing a piece on birthing. She believes that humanity is now in the process of birthing itself. We are in the birth canal where it all seems dark, cramped and frightening. We don't know what will happen. How can we possibly imagine the light since we have no recollection of having passed through this darkness before. How can we know that the Mother & Child reunion is so close at hand?

Many of us have tried to put our feelings and ideas about this time of history into form. Some of us are full of frustration which can generate great anger. Feelings of helplessness which can erupt into violence. Some of us are in resignation or perhaps it is acceptance that "What will be, will be". Some have become activists - participating in demonstrations - pro-peace or anti-war. Tomorrow is scheduled for a "baring witness" ceremony here on Kauai, down at Secret Beach. An unknown number of people will disrobe for peace to be documented by a photographer with a photo of the group at large; neck down.

Many of us have determined to increase peace by bringing more peace into our personal lives. Looking toward areas where we can harmonize - maybe even in a symbolic form - such as "clearing the clutter" from our shelves and dedicating that toward harmony and perfect order.

Watching and changing the words that we say and think is a powerful way to begin to bring more peace into our personal lives. Are the words that we express peaceful and sensitive or are they vindictive and "mean spirited". If we see each word as a prayer, what type of prayer are we sending into the Universe?

Recently, I have been witness to a few challenges myself in this regard. A few weeks ago, I was leading a discussion at "Sunday Talk Story". The question had been brought up about what can be done to inspire some of the young adults who are living on the beaches and who seem disenfranchised from society with little direction. One of the participants at Talk Story became very emotional and began expressing her frustration about the situation using strong words such as "wrong...horrible...awful." Another participant countered with words such as, "Not everyone, just because you have that experience...etc." A third person piped in with negative judgments about how the two previous people were relating to one another. What had started as an interesting discussion had escalated, in a matter of seconds, into a confrontational situation - right at "Talk Story" where everyone is somewhat on the same wavelength. What an incredible example for us to see how disharmony can erupt in a moment just by the choice of words that we use to express ourselves. Fortunately, there was a "talking stick" present which I was able to commandeer. I had the group come to silence, take several deep breaths. Then we talked about being aware of our words and their effects. Later we did a meditation on sending and receiving understanding and good will and we ended the session by going around the group and each person giving a blessing. Yes, it was indeed a blessing to have a group that desired to see beyond duality and come to harmony.

Have you ever noticed how much power there is in criticizing? When people get together and put something or someone down, their agreement about this creates a huge amount of emotional energy. The agreement between people about "something or someone being wrong" can become an end in itself. Rather than looking for a way to bring peace and understanding, we can become united in self-righteous criticism and negativity.

In Huna, we teach that your inner self does not distinguish between you and someone else. Therefore, whatever you criticize in another is perceived as a part of yourself. This of course is true. If the world is what "you think it is" then you are creating this reality, with all the negativity that you perceive, through your own thoughts, your own words.

If you watch your words, both the ones that you use externally to express yourself to others and also the interior words that you use to describe reality to yourself, you can see where this is true in your own life. In our Huna trainings, we teach people to change their negative words as they come into their awareness. Change negative statements to positive or at least to neutral. Look toward what you ultimately want and do not focus on that which frightens or repels you. Words can heal and inspire, words can injure and provoke. Choose your words wisely, you always have a choice.

Words are carried on the breath. How amazing and symbolic...the breath, how we energize our body. Without breath there is no life. Breath is the connection between our inner and outer reality. We can change our moods by changing our breath. Piko piko breathing is one method of using breath for relaxing the body and opening up our natural channels for healing. Just through becoming aware of inhale and exhale and shifting attention between two points, we can achieve deep relaxation and healing energy. Anger can only exist where there is muscle tension and constricted breathing. We can accelerate peace within ourselves through methods such as piko-piko, yogic breathing, meditation, or just slow conscious awareness of "inhale & exhale". Once we consciously become aware of our breathing and learn how we can use it, then we have an effective tool for transformation. Combine the use of breath with choice of words and we now have a powerful means of changing ourselves, influencing others and promoting harmony.

This sounds simple, yet it is easy to get caught up in the emotions of uncertainty, doubt and fear in regard to "what is wrong in the world." Pretty soon our breathing is rapid and shallow and our words are critical and angry. If we can become aware right at that moment...slow down and deepen our breathing, change our words and ultimately bring relaxation and balance back into our bodies, then we can begin to birth a personal peace which can expand to include the rest of our world.

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