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Bless the Present
by Michael Jones

All is present in the time of now! Spring and Summer Greetings come to you from the Island Of Kauai!!

As we all experience the magic and newness of spring, we are stunned with the aliveness and green-growing energy of the new expression of this year's "nature's models!" We have this stirring, this movement of energy in our "solar-system" of body energies, so we go with this yet to be identified go-go juice, and only to find the essence of all expression is waiting in the present moment!

On Kauai we have been having a hot spring and summer, lots of beach-time, and lots of work. We stay very busy in Paradise, and we love it! We are focusing here on the healing work of the self, the symbol of all human life on Earth. It is good to be a healer and to facilitate healing in others. As we heal, we learn what the issues are for the human prototype, what the "stuck-points" are, where people have concerns. We see that the points are all the same, the same points we are at. This gives us confidence we can deal with these challenges. As we further our own healing, we can be more of a clear channel for others in the same ways. We can heal with ego, but it works way better with love! We understand that all healing is self-healing, and that love out is love in, coming to the point of being love in that moment of choice, that moment of power!

Using the basic precepts of Huna - "Bless the Present, Trust Yourself, and Expect the Best!!" - we can see that like in many systems of self-exploration, the secrets of the system are contained in the basic principles. This time, we will look at the first precept:

1. Bless the Present: This is a very old thought pattern that has been with us since we have begun exploring the world around and in us. From a basic point of view what choice is left to us besides blessing the world as is? We can complain all we want but the world goes on being the world as it is. Complaining can keep us busy though, worrying about why the world is not the way we want it to be, especially our world, we would like our world to be perfect for us in whatever form we want in the present moment. In fact, complaining is a great distraction, very similar to not paying attention. We use it well especially in our relationships to others, we can criticize each other, and not really hear what the other is saying, while we are being distracted by our "thoughtful opinions...that we think need to hear."

In most practices of awareness, not paying attention works best for just not being there. It looks like you are there, but really you are just being some concept, some thought pattern that is preventing you from being in the moment, from making a clear assessment of a situation, and acting accordingly. Blessing the present is accepting the moment for whatever it is for you, it might not be your best moment, and we still bless it as the moment of now. Bless this life, it is so!

This is the basic blessing, "It is so." From there we can go on to talk about appreciation, of gratitude, of humility, if we want to talk of the many wonders of life and its diverse beauty. Gratefulness is very important in understanding how blessings work. We have an attitude of positive expectation, of being humble and realizing how big our blessings are! From this place we progress rapidly, using the right ideas as tools.

The awareness of the moment is very important in blessing the present. One comes into the present with eyes and mind open to find the many hidden treasures that wait in the present moment. We will talk about this moment again as we progress with our basic concepts.

The gift of life is given to us anew every morning as we open our eyes. We have the choice at that very moment to bless the life that is unfolding within and around us. We could complain, talk about all the reasons it's all not perfect, but is that really so? So now what needs to be healed, the world, or you!??! We are the symbol of life here on Earth, given this playground to play in, are we having fun yet?

Many of us have not fully realized that we have this choice in every moment to be in harmony with what is here and all around us. We have many reasons why things might not work, why things are not perfect in the moment. I could go on with the ten-thousands reasons why, but that in itself is the distraction we are discussing here. This moment of choice is the most important moment you could have now and in every now. The power to harmonize and to "make this work" is the keystone to life and the creation of a powerful creative "self-voice," the self of positive choice, creating the "positive body." This self is the self we are all yearning to become, like letting the bird out of the cage, to fly off to the perfect future, where all is perfect and safe.

And yes, these are all things we have heard, ideas and forms of expression we have seen many times. What makes this work ? Is it practice, focus, relaxation?

These all work in their ways to facilitate healing, the healing of ourselves. Our healing is the healing of our minds and hearts, of choosing to be in a healing process, of accepting the life as we have it as that very healing process we are working toward!

THIS IS IT, so to speak......we heal the world through ourselves, through our experience of it, by making the choice: Yes, I am choosing... (Fill in here your choice for the present moment.)

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