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by Serge Kahili King
copyright by Serge King 1996

You may already be familiar with the idea of blessing, either from our booklet, "The Aloha Spirit," or from one of our classes or courses, so I'm going to expand on the idea in order to help you expand your use of it.

To begin with, some of you have witnessed or experienced the muscle test we use to demonstrate the power of blessing, but many others have not. Therefore I'll start with this extremely interesting phenomenon, because blessing is not just spiritually good, it's physically good as well. When you bless someone or something, that is, when you compliment it, praise it, thank it or just call it good in some way, your own subconscious responds by relaxing your body and increasing your energy flow. Even though you've directed the blessing to someone or something else, you benefit physically. It's easy to demonstrate this with muscle testing. Just have someone stand up and raise his/her arm straight out from the shoulder. Tell him/her to hold the arm up strong when you say "Resist," then push down smoothly on the person's wrist so you can get a sense of his/her normal strength. Don't push down all the way - you are not trying to overcome his/her strength - but just enough so you know how well he/she can resist. Then have the person silently criticize someone and let you know when he/she has done it. When you know, say "Resist" and push the arm down again. You will find that the arm comes down easier this time, often dramatically so. This is because the person's subconscious has taken the criticism personally (remember, "There Are No Limits"). Do the same test again with the person giving a compliment to someone this time and you will find that the arm has grown stronger, often much so, because the subconscious has also taken the compliment personally, has relaxed and freed up more energy to resist with.

Basically, criticisms of yourself or others cause your body to tense, and compliments to yourself or others cause your body to relax. Curses cause stress, blessings reduce it. Using blessings alone can improve your health tremendously, and sometimes that's all that's needed. In a recent workshop a woman asked me what to do when someone else criticizes you. As we demonstrated, the most efficient and effective thing to do is to immediately contradict them aloud or silently, with a self compliment. You can bless your way to success in health.

So many people have problems with their relationships, and yet a very easy and workable solution is available. No matter what kind of relationship it is, nor what the intent when you communicate, the fact is that if you give more criticisms than compliments you tend to destroy it, and if you give more compliments than criticisms you tend to enhance it. Nagging is deadly to a relationship because it is simply overt or implied criticism and it doesn't work to make the person better or you happier. If there is any person or group or persons that you don't get along with, it is because you have a critical attitude toward them. You get along with whomever you do because you ignore their faults, or at least don't consider them as important as their good qualities, and because you do compliment them on those good qualities. In other words, you bless more than you curse. It's a simple thought but true, that if you want to be totally in love with someone, see and acknowledge only their good. To the degree that you don't, the relationship will suffer. So you can bless your way to success in love, too.

Success in your career works in the same way. If you truly love all aspects of it, if you only bless it, then you will be successful in it. Some people experience what is called "burnout" in their jobs. Their ambition disappears, their desire to do a good job disappears, and their job can even make them sick. The problem is as simple as the solution. For whatever reasons, justified or not, such people have begun to curse their work to the point where they give it practically no blessings. The subconscious naturally resists being there but the conscious mind insists, usually for economic reasons, and the result is burnout. The solution? Either find a job you can bless or start blessing the job you have. Even when you haven't reached the burnout extreme you can use blessing of your work to improve your efficiency and increase your enjoyment. And when you love your work and you do it well, the rewards will increase, too.

May these few ideas help you on your path as you bless your way to success.

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