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Change is a Law of Life
by Serge Kahili King

NOTE: This is an archive article from 1975. It first appeared in what was then called the "Ka Manu Newsletter."

Change is a law of life, the only unchanging law it is often said. But we are in a time-frame right now n which change is accelerating its pace as in no other recorded historical time. A dominant factor in that change is the rapid crumbling of the apparent barriers between the physical and metaphysical sciences and the new openness of people on all levels to consider things which would have been unthinkable just a short time ago.

Besides the obvious changes one notices in the newspapers and magazines, there are a myriad of things going on which never reach broad public attention. Some of them sound minor on the surface, but the significance is profound to those who can see the implications. A Harvard professor of psychology goes to India to learn meditation. A famous astronaut, one of the first to walk on the moon, states that future interplanetary journeys should be done by astral travel. A traditional archeologist turns his attention to Atlantis. U.S. Marines use dowsing rods to locate tunnels. Literally thousands of people every year - ordinary, everyday, next-door-neighbor type of people - are joining mind control groups and experiencing and utilizing psychic abilities. As a personal experience, a short time ago I gave a demonstration at a shopping center in North Hollywood. Hundreds of shoppers with zero knowledge of psychic phenomena saw their own auras, successfully used a dowsing rod, and actually felt the energy emanations from mana generators. Actually, that was less amazing than the fact that I was allowed to put on the demonstration.

Yes, great change is coming, but of what kind? Doom-and-gloom psychics are having a field day predicting the end of the earth (or at least of California), seeing the changes as physical earth changes of a destructive nature. Others point out the inhuman (?) nature of current wars, the glut of resurrected Christs, the decline of formal religion, and the modification of the moral code and say that Armageddon is at hand and we had better be ready to flee to the hills and wait out the time of dark chaos that is fast approaching. After that, all the “good guys” (you and me) will be called down to help rule the world under the banner of a god who has come down out of the sky to force us all to be decent folk. Or a variation has it that it’s too late and the world is just going to go kaput!

I would like to point out a few things. First of all, at no time in the present recorded history of man has there been as much altruism between totally different peoples. Consider the fact that an earthquake in Peru, an epidemic in Africa, a hurricane in Bangladesh result in free, unqualified aid in the form of clothing, medicine, and supplies from all over the world. Former enemies make peace and cooperate. Nations join together to form organizations to socially and economically help other nations. Vast organizations of private individuals do the same. We tend to take this all for granted, but it was virtually unheard of before World War II. Yes, there are still ugly wars, but there have always been ugly wars, some far, far worse than what we think of as bad today. Yet, there has never been such an outpouring of good works. We still have wars, but we also have good works now. That sounds like progress to me.

Next, you must understand that many modern prophets can’t read their own symbolism, and when they can, they often exaggerate it. An earthquake in a vision is almost invariably a symbol of great mental change, usually in the life of the visionary himself. One modern psychic also predicted a polar shift that would devastate the world at a particular time. The time came and went and nothing apparently happened. Later it was found out that there was a shift, but so minute as to have virtually no effect on anything. The socially-oriented psychics who are predicting great earth changes are really predicting great changes in consciousness and attitudes, and the destruction of old ways of life.

Do not forget that we create our own reality. This is our world, and it will not be totally destroyed until all our high selves get together and agree that we don’t need it anymore. I hope this doesn’t disappoint too many of you, but Christ is not going to come swinging down on a white cloud to rule the earth for us. Armageddon and the coming of Christ are symbolic of inner struggle and the realization of union with the High Self. Both occur individually for each one of us. The world will only change as we change ourselves.

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