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by Serge Kahili King

I huli i ke ola, e huli i ke ola
In order to change your life, change your life

(Hawaiian proverb created by me)

Creation, however, whenever, or if ever it began, was and is a process of change. Mythologically, we can speak of the First Wave created by the mating or merger of Wäkea, Chaos, and Papa, Order.That first wave gave birth to all other waves, and all of Creation is composed of waves (at least according to this story).

Regardless of whether you believe that, what we do know is that everything we are aware of is in a constant process of change, whether we call it waves, vibrations, frequencies, or whatever. If it exists, it moves. Water, stone, fire, wind, plants, animals, humans... they all exist in a state of change. Everything that we call stable, or solid, or even dead, is still moving, and therefore changing.

In order for change to produce any kind of experience, it must partake of the qualities of both chaos and order. This results in movement within a pattern, what we usually call waves, vibrations, or frequencies. Another way to say it is that there must be both movement and resistance to movement to produce a pattern.

It's easy enough to see this operating in the physical world, especially at the level of electrons, atoms, and molecules. It's also evident in Nature with the changes in earth structures, the passing of seasons and days, and cycle of birth, growth, and death in plants, animals. and people. It's evident as well in the physical changes in our human bodies. When there is too much movement, as when water gets too hot to remain a liquid or when human hearts beat too rapidly to sustain life, there has to be a change of state--water becomes vapor or human beings die. When there is too little movement, as when water or humans become too cold, there also has to be a change of state--water becomes ice and human beings die. In between, everything has a range of movement or change in which it can maintain it's viability as an entity or organism.

The concept is just as valid, although not as evident at first, in the thinking and behavior of human beings. In order to exist as human beings we must keep growing emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to some degree. In order to thrive as human beings (which is not the same at all as merely existing) we must grow to the utmost of our potential. When we have outgrown the possibilities afforded by one current pattern of living, and if thriving is our intention, then we must change our pattern of living. The time will come for all of us when we have outgrown our individual possibilities for life on earth, and then each one of us will transform into something else. Until that happens, though, we still have the choice between existing or thriving.

When I outgrew the possibilities of my lifestyle after graduating high school and stumbling through my first year of college, I joined the Marine Corps and a whole new phase of growth took place. When I outgrew the possibilities of the Marine Corps, for me, I got out of the Corps, went back to school, got married, changed schools and my major, and a whole new phase of growth took place. The next phase of growth took me and my family to Africa for seven years. When that grew stale, we moved back to the States and I started teaching Huna in Southern California for sixteen years of growth. When the urge to thrive came on me again we moved to Kauai, and the growth has been wonderful for these past nineteen years.

Now, however, the urge has come upon me again. I've done all I can do here on Kauai, and in order to thrive and expand myself and my work, it's time to move again. The inner attraction is to Pele's domain of the Big Island, so that's where we'll go. I still love Kauai, the island and the people, and I'll return often for teaching and pleasure, but the island of Hawaii is where we'll make our new home and base of operations.

When will we move? What will happen? Where will we live? How will it work out? I have no idea. When you don't know the answers to those questions and you're determined to do it anyway, that's called adventure.

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