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The Choice Of Trust
by Stewart Blackburn

Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Trust isn't just a concept we use to refer to our willingness to let something happen without our interference. It is a way we hold our bodies in a relatively relaxed fashion. It's a very different body sensation from doubt. There is tension with doubt that's absent in trust. And that difference in body-feel is reflected in the vibration we send out into the world.

When we want to manifest something, anything from a new car to just a pleasant day, our success or failure is dependent on the vibration we hold when we are focused on our desire. In general, the higher we keep our vibration, the more pleasurable our experience. By keeping our vibration high, I mean feeling as good as we can.

We all have the means to adjust how we feel for the most part. What we focus on, which is always our choice, is usually what determines how we feel. If I focus on the beauty around me, I will feel good. If I focus on the stupidity of politicians, then I'm likely to feel angry or sad. I can then change my feeling-state by changing my focus. Now, sometimes what we are focusing on brings up such strong feelings that we cannot move our focus until we have fully felt the feelings that have come up with that focus. But once we have felt through those feelings, our ability to choose what we will focus on returns.

In my experience, when doubt arises it seems to commandeer my mind. It seems to take over my will to focus on what I choose. My body can feel tight and my breath is contracted. It is a very visceral, body-oriented phenomenon. If I continue to let it reign over me, my vibration deteriorates dramatically and nothing seems to go right.

It's at this point when I need to wrest control of my vibration back from doubt. Sometimes, I can just tell doubt to go away. And sometimes, it responds to that command. Sometimes, I can reason with it and calm it down by mentally demonstrating that the doubts and fears are not reasonable and that there's nothing to be concerned about. However, there are plenty of times when nothing mental or logical seems to do anything. It's going to take something more.

The conflict is happening in my body and I think the solution needs to a body-based one. My body is concerned for its well-being, but I'm going to have to make a choice about how I'm going to take care of it. Staying in the vibration of doubt is both dangerous and unhealthy. So I'm going to have to change my vibration, and quickly.

So I choose to hold a vibration of trust. I do that by willing myself to focus on expecting good things to happen. I can expect anything I want to, and, if I am not expecting other people to do anything in particular, my expectations usually work out.

But that's not why I hold the vibration of trust. I do so because I create or manifest the things I want much more easily when my vibration is high. There may be no logical reason to choose to trust, but when I do, I get better results. My body calms down, my thinking processes work better, I am more open to inspiration and insight, I am not emotionally paralyzed, and people around me respond to me better.

This is why faith works so well for many people. It's not really about believing in something believable (although believability helps). It's about how a person can go through life without being crippled by cynicism or worry.

I've had times when things looked so bleak that I could hardly get out of bed in the morning. I couldn't see any possibility for a successful solution to my problems. In those times I often just pushed on forward for lack of any other option. But the times when I blindly said that I would trust the Universe to make things right, somehow they always did.

It's that proverbial leap of faith that bypasses logic and opens the door to good things happening. So I find that holding that vibration of trust when I don't see my way clearly is what gives room for the little miracles that come.

The choice to trust that things are working out perfectly is what allows things to work out perfectly.

Copyright 2016 Stewart Blackburn

Stewart Blackburn is the author of The Skills of Pleasure: Crafting the Life You Want. His website is:; email:

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