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Computers Have Feelings, Too!
by Fern Merle-Jones

One of the ideas that we have in Huna is that everything is alive, aware and responsive. We of the Huna mind tend to accept this as an example of a living Universe as we happily go about using our resources and possessions for our pleasure and convenience. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn that my laptop computer was not only alive and aware, but also seemed to respond to the stresses of current events with surprisingly human reactions. Here is the story:

Not having a TV, my husband and I relied on the Internet to tell us the details of the September 11th tragedy and all of the followup events that have occurred since that time. One day while reading CNN news reports, I was offered the option of making CNN my opening home page . "Oh that would be great," I thought. "Now I can get all the current news just by opening Internet Explorer," and I clicked "Yes". Everyday I would go onto my computer ( her name is "Birthday Girl" since I bought her for my birthday) to find out the daily news - first thing in the morning, again later in the day and before bed at night. Everyday the news seemed to get worse, more ominous. My Ku started to get very uncomfortable. The beauty of Kauai seemed out of place, almost a mockery. My world seemed a very unsafe place.

I started to feel anxious just looking at Birthday Girl.

Being a Shaman, I started to look for how I could heal the situation. If I couldn't heal myself, how could I help to heal the world? I tried pico pico breathing, I tried Dynamind healing and they both worked for as long as I focused on them. But when I went back to reading the news, the anxiety in my solar plexus and the cloudy feeling in my head returned - I decided to stop looking at CNN. If something important happened, I was sure that someone would let me know soon enough.

The change was amazing. Within a day, I felt a lot better. Once again, I could hear the peaceful sounds of the birds and feel myself breathing the warm air and get inspiration from the swaying palms outside my office window.

Now I could go to my e-mail, but I avoided the rest of the Internet completely since I would have to go through CNN to get anywhere else and I felt that I would be sucked into reading the news. One day, about two weeks after my resolve to avoid the Internet, I found that I couldn't get into my computer at all. It had completely frozen at the Windows Splash page. I thought that it was just a fluke.I turned it off and tried again, but no, it was stuck at the Splash page and would not get to any of my material. I tried talking to it a rest...grokking it...maybe it had a virus? Finally I called the manufacturer's tech support. After several diagnostic tests and three techs later, they determined that there was something physically wrong on the hard drive. I would have to try to retreive my contents using DOS and very expensive technicians and then replace my hard drive and reload all my material!!

What a Drag... How could this happen? It was just working fine...

I decided to call a local person for a second opinion. My technical friend came over and worked with my computer. At first he said that he couldn't get her to "talk" with him, but soon with loving attention, the computer did open up and let him examine its cells. He found that there was one "bad cell" and with skill and patience, he was able to repair it. My computer was working again, she was healed! It was a Miracle!

The next day when I turned her on, I realized that my computer was very pale. The colors were not coming up and she was all grey. She seemed depressed... I felt depressed.

Once again my tech friend came over, once again the computer seemed to resist changing, but was finally coaxed into letting her colors come back. "Oh how beautiful you are, Birthday Girl."

My friend asked me, "Is there anything else you would like to change?" Immediately, it dawned on me, "Yes, please take CNN off the Internet home page." And so, we replaced it with my beautiful Island Blessings page which has the cliffs of the Napali lit with vibrant color from a huge rainbow. What a relief. I could feel my "Birthday Girl" glowing with appreciation. Yes, I finally got the message. My computer was alive, aware and responsive which means that she could also get stressed. She needed to have beauty around her to remind her of our beautiful world, just like me!

P.S. You can check out Birthday Girl's new home page at

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