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A Different Vision
by Stewart Blackburn

Not too long ago I decided that my apparent inability to see auras wasn't acceptable to me. I was aware of some vague shapes and lights around people and I could easily feel something close to people's bodies. I even found it easy to get valuable impressions of people's inner states as I gave Lomilomi massage to them. But, actually seeing all the things that I heard others report seeing eluded me.

So I bought an ebook on auras that had lots of exercises. The one that the author said was the most powerful and foolproof (Ah! That's what I need!) method was practicing with Magic Eye images. These are the patterns that have a hidden image when you focus your eyes differently. These were wonderful novelty pictures back in the 1990's but have lost some of their uniqueness since then.

They take some practice to get the hidden image to pop out, but once the right focus is found, there is an amazing 3-D picture inside this otherwise flat image. They're a lot of fun to play with once you get the hang of it.

But they are also very useful in learning to see auras. There is a certain kind of permission needed to look and focus in strange ways that have heretofore not been of any particular use. But once we get it, there are many wonderful things to behold.

I was delighted to find that this kind of altered focus can be used in other ways as well. For instance, as we consider how we want to change our world, we need more than just complaints about pollution, injustice, inequity, and war. We need to have some kind of positive vision that we can energize. Without some sort of better vision, all our love and intention gets scattered about.

Perhaps then, it would be easier and more effective to look at our dreams and our world at the same time using this kind of altered focus of the Magic Eye kind. We can look for the hidden beauty and unbroken world inside our awareness of the outer world.

Each of us has our own picture of the world, especially as we look around us with as little thought as possible. When we do this at home, quietly, and without time constraints, we can feel the pleasure of simply being present. That, of course, is one of the great pleasures to be had and one that can be enjoyed anytime. But it's also a time when we can be aware of the beauty and wholeness that exists everywhere, even when it's not normally visible.

One powerful way we can influence the world is to allow our quiet, peaceful vision to include other parts of the world. We might get into that quiet state at home and gradually include our neighborhood in our expanded awareness. We are looking at our vision of our neighborhood with an altered focus and seeing the beauty there.

What happens when we look at our state, country, or even the whole world the same way? Doesn't the beauty just pop right out?

I use this imagery to suggest that as we work to create a better world for us all, we need to hold a better vision of what can be. Spending most of our time in "reality" means having little time for our dreams. While being present is the only way to be truly powerful, we can also see our dreams in the present simultaneously. It only takes focusing a little differently.

We might say that we are seeing with our heart as we see with our eyes. Nurturing that vision with the care and love of our hearts is to energize that vision powerfully. But, it isn't something that we can just do for a few moments and expect the world that the eyes see to change immediately. No, this is the time to enjoy the vision we have and let the outer reality come into alignment with the inner reality.

Holding two ways of seeing at the same time might seem impossible. But consider that we do that with anyone we teach. We hold an image of how each student might be having the benefit of our teaching, while at the same time meeting them in present moment in their present circumstances.

So, if you encounter me on the street and I'm looking at you somewhat cross-eyed, trust that I'm seeing more of you than meets the eye. I'm thoroughly enjoying a magnificent vision of your beauty and love!

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