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Dynamind and Disbelief
by Christian Thurow

The main obstacle IÕve seen so far when using the Dynamind Technique (DMT) is overcoming the clientÕs disbelief that healing can happen so quickly. Based on their past experience, healing must take time. So surely, less than a minute of tapping a few trigger points and a deep breath canÕt be enough to get rid of a strong or long-term pain.

Those who cling to that belief might find it difficult to digest some observations that psychologists and doctors have made while treating clients with Multiple Personalities Disorder (MPD). In one of her articles, Lissa Ranking, M.D., gave two interesting examples for that.

The first client had multiple personalities, one of whom was diabetic. All of her other personalities werenÕt diabetic. When the diabetic personality took over, the client showed all medical signs and symptoms of diabetes. Those symptoms immediately disappeared when one of the other personalities took over.

The second client was a boy with multiple personalities, one of whom was allergic to orange juice. The strong allergy reaction happened only when that one personality was dominant, all other personalities could drink orange juice uneventfully. If the change of personality happened while there was an allergic reaction to orange juice, the reaction disappeared instantly.

While many people around the world might spend years and sometimes decades or the rest of their life receiving treatments for diabetes or allergies, the aforementioned examples show that change can happen within a few seconds. That observation underpins at least four of the Huna principles:

The world is what you think it is - when you think that healing needs time it will do so.
There are no limits - everything can get healed.
Now is the moment of power - you can only heal now, not in the past or future.
Effectiveness is the measure of truth - there is always another way to do anything.

In case of the MPD patients, the shift from a healthy state to a state of illness and back happened unconsciously. However, what happens unconsciously can also be done consciously. And with that we're coming back to DMT. Due to the combined power of breath, words, imagery and touch, a strong healing process can be initiated. And that healing does not need to take long time. It can happen instantly, when you see it in that way. Acknowledge that there are no limits, do the process and bring your attention to the desired outcome.

Comment by Serge Kahili King:

DMT is exceptionally effective for the rapid healing of many kinds of physical and emotional problems, but not, so far as I know, for systemic conditions like diabetes and cancer. It can be helpful for side effects with specific localized symptoms, but it doesn't work as well with systemic problems, because there is nothing specific to focus on.

In a three-year study of Multiple Personality Syndrome (MPS) with a woman spiritualist medium who could invoke sixteen different personalities, I found this same phenomenon to be true. Not only did each personality have a different knowledge base, they had physiological and emotional differences, too. In one instance, at the home of a mutual friend with a dog who was familiar with the medium, she shifted into another personality and the dog began barking as if at a stranger.

Typically, MPS is induced by a medium with conscious intent by going into a trance state and unconsciously shifting into one or more personalities. Over time I was able to help the woman make the whole process a conscious one by maintaining an awareness of the primary personality.

In addition to the disappearance of diabetes with a change of personality, similar instant effects have occurred with cancer. MPD and MPS have an obvious relationship to the technique we call Grokking. It might be worthwhile, therefore, to experiment with conscious or even hypnotically induced Grokking as a treatment for systemic illnesses. A way may even be found to include Dynamind as part of the experiment.

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