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Dream Weaving
by Jim Fallon

Shamanic mythology states that creation is not complete. We are given the task to finish it and become the caretakers of planet Earth.

We (Shamans) are to dream the world into being.

Because of this mythology, the shamans have the responsibility and the possibility to continue to dream their reality into being.

Mythology informs reality. When the Navajo medicine woman makes an accurate symbolic sandpainting of her client, and then makes a change to the sand painting, a change occurs in the client.

In Dr. King's article on helping hurricane victims, a symbol of the current situation was created, and then changed for the better.

The Hopi also have special shamans who sit and journey, dream weaving the world they want to create for their grandchildren.

It is not your action that makes things happen, it is your intent of allowing yourself to focus on what you desire, such as making mental movies of what you want to dreamweave, as if it has already happened, until you feel the positive energy begin to move within you. Visualize your desire and make it real enough in your mind by involving the senses .

Remember, the creation of anything is through your vibration. Everything vibrates, is alive, and has its own dream. And it is by that vibration that we harmonize and attract experiences to ourselves. So before you act or do anything, first ask yourself, how am I vibrating? How do you tell? You tell by how you FEEL. Your feelings show you your vibration. How you feel determines what you attract.

A good way to think of this is to think of an echo. The mountain or canyon represents the universe.

When your voice level gets over a certain threshold, the canyon echos what you said they way you said, it back to you, matching what you said, amplified. The universe responds to your feeling energy in the same way.

When you use this process of creating by how you feel , you will see that the universe will provide a different set of circumstances for you, and match your vibration, it has to match your vibration, for that it its function, and in the inner worlds, likes attract, so you develop the power of attraction.

The types of techniuqes used for dream weaving all have commom elements. The following one is more useful to the ubran shaman.

1. Journey to the upper world, using the instructions found in Dr. King's book, Urban Shaman.

2. When in the upper world, create or go to a special spot in this upper world. For example, create a movie studio.

3. In the movie studio, on a large view screen that you have created, imagine, pretend, or see the current situation as a movie, just the way the current situation is. You're watching a movie of the current situation.

4. Now become the director, producer, actor, and create another movie, only this time create it the way you want the oucome to be. Envision ( see with your eyes as though you are there) this new movie. Use feelings, sight, hearing, and has many senses as you can, to create this second movie, which is just an improvement of the first movie's situation.

5. Now add a time line. See the second movie's desired outcome having the desired effect throughout the present and future days, see these days becoming weeks, see the weeks becoming months, and the months become years.

Feel what it is like to have this desired condition in the coming days, as the days turn into weeks, as the weeks turn into months, as the months turn into years. See it happen on the view screen in the theater of your mind.

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