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The End Concept
by Luca Bolognini

There are laws in nature that govern the universe: the law of attraction, the law of resonance and the law of cause and effect are the main ones.

So how can I get what I want by coming into harmony with them?

There are many techniques that can help me, but no matter which technique I use, one important thing I have to remember, and always keep in the spotlight, is helping to achieve the ultimate goal of my project.

What is the purpose and why is it vital?

In life too often people daydream, projecting into the future their thoughts like, "I would like to have a nice car, I would like to have a nice house, a wonderful person who is beside me all my life, a wonderful work etc " This way to dream is to lose sight of who we are at that particular time and often does not end in anything good or otherwise is difficult to achieve that dream for the simple fact that in addition to not seeming real you think that all this must come as a godsend.

The universal laws do not work in this way. They are determined by a principle of truth and harmony, and everything is realized only if we have a great faith in ourselves and in the process of life and if you think that everything is real and not a dream only.

So what is needed to realize our dreams?

We assume that every thought is energy we put out, of course. In order to realize a dream it takes a lot of this energy and then putting attention on what we want to create. The more complete the picture of the situation is, the more easily we succeed in its realization.

Also there is to say that if we project thoughts into the future, it will be just wasted energy. Everything has to be in the present moment, the only time that you can change the events around us.

The kahuna used the term MANAWA for the ability to project our dreams in the present moment. What we call the future, only exists in relation to what we call the present moment, and the same thing applies to the past.

When our attention brings elements of the past and the future into the present moment, we find it within our power to change these aspects. This means that in the present moment we are able to modify the past and future.

We do this by using creative visualization, which is simply imagining what we want and to try to include much detail as possible in our dream. Let's take a practical example.

Suppose you have a passion for natural medicine. Years and years of study have led you to understand many things and by practicing you obtained great results both on yourself and the people who know you. Now you would like this acquired knowledge to help many more people so that everyone can benefit from it.

Now, inspired by your passion, you begin to make all this happen, but without creating a clear plan, yet. Step by step you continue cultivating your passion: you create a blog or website to reference, you enroll in social networks and try to contact as many more more people as possible, and step by step you begin to share it all. This will create in you a feeling of contentment and joy. you have succeeded in bringing your knowledge to others.

Years pass and everything stays the same. You have people following you because your principles are found in natural landmarks, but you cannot make this become your life in full, or develop it in a way that also gives you important economic satisfactions.

You are satisfied, but not completely. To fill this void, then, the subconscious devises the perfect plan. And the passion that matters, even if you do not have a great economic return, is the fact that you can share your passions, bringing prosperity to the people who follow you.

Between doing nothing and bringing aid to people without an economic return for the immense work that you are doing, you prefer the latter. Years pass and everything is always that way. Why?

Simply because your goal was to share your passion and you thought that even if you had had some economic return everything would be fine too.

You used the universal laws fully and according to your truth everything was created to perfection and your thoughts determined by the passion for the studies and practices made made what you wanted come true.

So here comes into play the use of the conscious mind to fill in details of that incomplete dream, or a dream that still did not embrace every aspect of the good life you expected and wanted.

Now you try to create another type of dream determined not only by your passions, but by an entire concept that is fully reflected from every point of view in everyday life.

You refocus on your dream, but this time instead of only imagining your passions, you determine also the whole concept of your life, showing yourself that you practice your passions in the first place, and also have free time to cultivate your family and friends, and have the ability to live well economically.

But you do a much more complete creative visualization than before, including rich details of every kind, the more details you use the better. Doing so will create a wonderful lucid dream and a web that embraces every aspect of your life holds it all together as a single order.

Once this is done you will have created a very fine, but much higher experience than that determined only by the passions for your studies and if everything will be determined by the concepts of truth and harmony, will come into perfect harmony with the laws that govern the universe.

At this point, to make sure that everything is realized, you'll bring this lucid dream into the present moment, not as if it is something yet to be realized, but as if everything is already made. Once this is done all the energies within you and around you will strive for the realization and your life will be realized in every point of view.

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