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The End of the Spiral
by Jo Danieli

Something happened on this planet which will change the self-image of people in a big way, worldwide, forever. Nobody knows yet which tendency will have the greatest effects. On September 11th, 2001, the United States was attacked directly by terrorists. Countless victims. Breathless horror all over the world. Whatever the the political background might be, whoever the terrorists responsible may be - what happened has special effects on humankind as such. Everybody is talking about the beginning of the Third World War now. The danger may be considerable. But in fact, the thoughts of millions of people are the true power to "create" peace or war.

A friend of mine uttered his dark black ideas of what was going to happen soon, in his opinion, that might be similar to the opinions of millions of inhabitants of this planet. Life on this planet was over. All hope gone. The end of civilization. Only a strong hand would be able to save humanity.

As a "Huna-insider" or -fan you may know: Fear and despair weaken a human being. You know furthermore, that thoughts are energy. And every form of existence consists, basically, of the same energetic substance. And every form of existence in this cosmos influences all others. Imagine the state of the energetic field around this planet if millions of people would produce thoughts of fear and despair (probably mixed with anger)?!

There is a chance, that the true background of most of the terrorist attacks on this planet will never be revealed. And as one "truth" is as good as another, there is a chance, that terror-attacks are meant to work as a means to sow fear and despair and fright and horror among the people on this planet. What for? To make humanity more easily influenced. Scared people can be led easily. Scared humans are weak. Weak humans are butter in the hands of authorities. You may find your own examples of how people react, and what focus they choose for their future lives if they feel helpless, threatened and fearful!

The only true weapon against the effects of terror-attacks is the conscious focus on our own, innate lifeforce. Our godgiven power to influence and to create: our "mana". We decide how and what to think and what to focus on. Nobody else. Only if many people are aware of the fact that they influence their future themselves, the power of oppression and threats by terroristic forces can weaken. All people on this planet who know about the Huna philosophy or work in the fields of science and training concerning the power of mind and emotions are the counter-force against terrorism. Maybe there are not yet enough to really prevent violence on this planet, but hey, the seeds are growing.

Maybe the evil forces witnessed that. And therefore they thought it was a good idea to shock the planet and push people back into their holes of fear, those people who were already in states of awakening out of the century-long suppression by authorities who tried to make them believe they were "sheep" who need to be led.

Hopefully their stroke won`t have the wanted effect. Hopefully people will rather think "No! Not with us! We have the power! We want to live in peace! No more power to terrorism!" Of course, the presidents of the nations of this planet and especially THE president will have to make decisions on how to react to the terrorist-attacks. And of course the "man on the street" is not able to stand up against Mr. Bush. But whatever happens let us focus on what we want: The majority of our thoughs will radiate out into the universe and help build our future. And we want to live and prosper and reach our aims in the "spirit of Aloha".

Each single thought contributes to the energetic "atmosphere" on this planet. Some "mighty ones" may know that. Maybe that's why they allow terrible things to happen.

The media enforces the feeling of helplessness among the inhabitants of planet earth by commenting on scenes, by pointing out the suffering of the victims and the possible consequences. Each warning of further attacks is another brick in the wall of despair. Warning? Nobody knows what will happen. But reporters and politicians paint horror-scenarios that have not yet happened and may never happen if the majority of people don't support their energy by their fearful acceptance.

There is no use in showing the catastrophe over and over again. What is the use in feeding the people's brains with more and more fright and horror? The true effect of that is, in a Huna-sense, the strenghtening of beliefs that have to do with helplessness. Fear of death can lead directly into the embrace of authorities, institutions of any kind and relationships with authorities that seem to be able to protect.

But always remember: The person who is able to think only a single thought about the fact that it is her or his own belief system that makes her or him decide and act, has a real chance to escape suppression and contribute to a future free and happy life on this planet for the benefit of all inhabitants. The power to overcome the most terrible and subtle effects of a catastrophe is within US. Nowhere else. Let us focus on what we want to live to see. Not on what makes us shiver with despair.

To hold up and enforce the "Spirit of Aloha" especially in periods of crisis is our most effective tool in times like these. It is our tool to survive as a species.

We find ourselves on our way along a spiral into the core, the center of human existence, to the peak-experience of our development. At the end of that spiral we will face the result of all that we ever created as a species by the power of our creative thoughts.

Maybe the end of the spiral is already in sight ...

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