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Manifest With The Eye of Kanaloa
by Jim Fallon

The eight divisions of the eye symbol represent states of consciousness associated with eight areas of life much like a feng shui bagua. Eight is one of the important mystical numbers of power and manifestation on the physical plane. The circle divided up into eight sections represents the web and weaving of your life. It is a map of your world, your universe. You are the tantric shaman spider, weaving your life. The eight lines can also be related to the principle of Quantum Entanglement, where all things are connected to each other.

The four concentric circles represent the working and descent into manifestation of the basic four elements, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The most inner ring is air, the next ring is fire, the next water, and the final outer ring is earth. where all the elemental forces come to rest and manifest on this plane of consciousness.

A simple use of the Eye is to put a symbol of what you desire, or one of Serge King's healing shapes, for anything you want to manifest in the center.. Because of the structure of the seven pointed star in the center of the eye, this symbol as the same energy effects as "Pyramid" power, because of the angles of construction of the Great Pyramid are the same angles used in construction the eye, 51.5 degrees. That's why using the eye has similar energy as the Great pyramid. Using it this way is similar to using a paper Radionics machine.

This is natural magick. One can activate the symbol by using a pendulum, allowing the pendulum to spin over the Eye until it stops.

Why do you want to use geometrical shapes in manifesting and healing? Because the geometric shapes alter and focus electromagnetic energies, and amplify them. The use of geometric shapes is called a yantra, which means "machine" and geomancy, which are visual tools to help in centering.

The energy associated with the shape is invoked, and the energy then becomes grounded to the physical plane to impact and stimulate healing and manifesting energies. The more you learn about the power and energy aspects created by geometric shapes, the more energy you can project when using them.

For example, the seven rayed or pointed star in the center of the eye is extremely healing on all levels, and a circle divided into seven sections uses a 51.5 degree angle, thus generates a Great Pyramid type of energy, because as stated, this is the same angle used in the construction of the pyramid.

Seven is also an important mystical number because it creates a vortex that invokes the energies from the seven planets of the ancients, and the seven rays of light of the Hawaiian Huna love light.

As stated, you can place a symbol of your desire in the center of the star to manifest that desire.

In other ancient traditions, this center represents the bindu point, which was used to represent the supreme consciousness. In manifesting and healing, it is this consciousness which is used to affect energy, in order to instill the balancing and healing.

The center of the eye is used to help the individual find the spiritual center within, the center which has all power, all balance, and all healing. It is only by being in the center that one can establish a relationship with the higher self and the related healing aspects of the higher self.

The concentric circles of the eye are important. Starting with the most outer circle, that circle can represent the past, the next inward circle can represent the present, and the next circle the future. The final fourth circle represents the spirit, the eternal Now.

How to Use The Eye:
For manifesting a desire related to an area of your life, one can just visualize a circle divided into eight sections, the states of consciousness relating to the various areas of life. Visualize a symbol of an issue or problem, say money, and visualize this in the center of the Eye. Your ku knows what area section to activate. This allows the energy of the Eye to manifest in the appropriate section of the eye.

A variation in this is to just the three most outer concentric circles, the inner most circle for what you want(visualize it), then place your attention on the next outer circle, and energize a mental picture by activating the mental image with your senses. Hear something in the image, see something in the image, and touch something in the image.

The third and next step in this three step manifestation process is to place attention on the next inner most circle, and male a mental picture as though you all ready have what you want and how it is benefiting your life.

An additional use of these three circles is for time travel where the most outer circle is the past, the next circle is the present , and the next circle is the probable future.

You can also send energy and symbols and receive energy and symbols, or information by using the seven pointed star. The star serves as a connection point between the Aka field and this earth plane.

If you want to send healing energies, just state what you want to send, or a mental picture of what you want to send, (for example, "heal Mr. X's back", or a image of Mr. X's back healed), placing your intention at the center of the star. You can send and receive psychic messages also. To send a message, you can visualize a desired outcome wanted, or a statement of what you want, or a mental picture of the person you want to send the message to.

Then, using a form of pikopiko, inhale and while inhaling, think of what you want to send, in this example, mentally repeat the desired statement ("Lungs, breathe easily"). When you then exhale, verbally out loud state the statement while exhaling, while seeing this energy going through the center of the star. The inhale breath carries your image or statement, or thought into your Ku. On the exhale you audibly state the intent. In, Out, Spiritual, Physical.

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