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The Magic of Expectations
by Susanne Weikl

In spring 2014 I came across a seminar with the title "How to write a book." At this time I had the idea of writing a book in mind and took this seminar as a good opportunity to make the first steps.

During the seminar we created the title, the index and I got a lot of useful information. Back home I was highly motivated to write my book "Harmony Within Three Minutes." Two days later I travelled to Hawaii, a bit sorry that I had to stop the writing process. During a Huna Workshop on Hawaii I discussed my idea with Serge and he encouraged me to make my wish come true und agreed to write the foreword.

Back home the only thing I did for half a year was opening and closing the data files. I didnŐt bring a single sentence down to paper. Finally, I decided to give myself one week to make it clear whether or not I would start writing or discard the project.

The next morning I just sat down in silence, kept the focus on writing this book and watched my thoughts and emotions. I can tell you, fear of failure was my name. I started a healing process with the 7 principles and went over the resistance. I closed the process with the expectation: "My book will be published" After that I waited patiently for the first impulse to start writing. It didnŐt take long and I started with the first chapter. During that week I actually planted the seeds for the book. Ideas popped in my mind and my creativity reached its full potential.

After that week I became addicted to writing. I used every free minute for writing. When the first chapter was finished I decided to email it to a good fried, a journalist, in order to get some feedback. The feedback was positive and that enhanced my motivation. While having morning tea I corrected what I wrote the day before, called friends to discuss sections in order to know if they could understand it and made notes about every idea I came across. The book was my first thought in the morning and the last one in the evening. It was a real pleasure for me to write. In short, I finished the book within four month and I will never forget the feeling when I pressed the button "save file" for the last time.

During the last days of the writing process I sent an email to a book agent in order to ask him to contact publishers he knows well and present my book to them. He agreed and we made an arrangement. I gave him the exclusive rights to place my book for 8 weeks. That was the beginning of a long period of waiting patiently.

Instead of feeding my doubts, I told myself: "You are good, your book is good and it will be published." I used a lot of imagination work, like building bridges to the publisher and the lectors, giving them virtual presents, celebrating big parties of success with them and I also imagined how it would feel to hold the first fresh printed book in my hand. I smelt the scent of new paper, saw the cover and felt the weight of the book in my hands. I imagined that all the people who believe in me were standing right behind me and cheering me.

During that period of waiting I got rejections. The quality of the rejections was getting better every time. The common reaction to rejection in such a situation would be to lose self-confidence. That was not my reaction. With every rejection I grew and my self confidence grew with me. How did I manage that? I had my focus only on the positive statements in the rejections and there were a lot of them and I read them again and again. Whenever disappointment showed up I took the energy of that feeling and changed it into persistence and power.

One day I got the idea of preparing emails, the first with the yes of the publisher, the second to share my great pleasure about that "Yes" with all my friends, and another one to invite my clients to my first reading. I also wrote a checklist what to do when the book is published. I wanted to show my Ku how important it is to find a publisher.

As you can see, I took every chance to strengthen my expectations and kept attention to the fact that my Ku shows pure sense of being to everything I did. A very important fact was that I was not afraid of not being successful. I empowered myself so that I would be able to deal with the circumstances and would find solutions to work with the possible disappointment.

I got the last rejection during my stay in Mongolia. At that time I sensed that I was pretty close to reach my goal. As I spent my days in the open grassy plain I was deeply connected with the elements. One morning I asked the sun what I needed to be successful. I got the advice to imagine a big diamond in my book and to polish it daily. I asked a holy mountain the same question and it recommended that I polish each page of my book regularly.

The arrangement with the book agent didnŐt bring the expected result .I decided not to give up and to get active by myself. I sent manuscripts to several publishers and continued to expect the best. I took every chance to make sure how important this goal was for me and whenever I realized a resistance was present I found a solution to change it into something helpful.

One fine day, it was the 3rd of August, I got a phone call: "Hello Mrs. Weikl, this is Mr. Schirner we would be happy to publish your book. Welcome in the Huna family of our publishing house." Guess what I did? I said yes, danced through my apartment, called my best friend to share the news and started immediately to send my prepared email to all my friends.

To sum it all up, I found out that our expectations are one of our strongest tools. They are strong when you know that you create them and you are responsible for them. You should empower yourself that you can deal with disappointment and you should not be afraid to expect the best.

As soon as you create an expectation and hold it no matter what happens, then you have a clear and powerful focus. When I say hold it, I mean there are times where you only have 51% confidence and 49% doubts. The main thing is to hold the focus and to expect the best. Whatever appears on the left or right side of your focus is an opportunity to transform memories in the present moment und to strengthen your expectation. That makes your expectation to the strongest manifestation power you can have. Start creating powerful expectations with great pleasure and expect the best!

Susanne Weikl is an Alakai of Huna International, Hawaii and author of the book "Harmony Within 3 Minutes." She teaches classes on Huna and Shamanism, and works as a healer, counsellor and therapist. Her website is

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