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The Eternal Cosmic Vibration of the Eye of Kanaloa
by Jim Fallon

The eye of Kanaloa is both symbolic and actual. It is the real shaman's "Stargate."

Draw your attention to the center of the symbol, where the seven-pointed star is. Notice the circles or rings within the star.

There are three inner circles or rings. The light of the star can be seen by all. Just gently close your eyes, and with the eyes closed, notice the level of darkness. Now, with the eyes still closed, raise your eyebrows and notice how the darkness becomes brighter.

This happens because you're putting a little pressure on the area in the center of the eyebrows, the eye of Kanaloa. This is the actual light of the star within the eye of Kanaloa.

Throughout the ages, this light as been called the single eye, the third eye, the seat of wisdom, and the spiritual eye.

This energy radiates as the lights of the seven principles or seven centers that make up the body, and forms the rest of the symbol as Dr. King describes in his article on The Eye of Kanaloa.

The energy or lights that form the seven pointed star radiates from the circles within the star.

The outer circle is perceived by many when piko-piko is performed here as a golden-colored light. The next inner circle is an opaline blue disc, and the final inner circle is colored white.

Within the golden ring you perceive the primal energies of physical creation; the substratum of gross form, as you astral travel and penetrate the golden circle, you experience the golden dawn of astral life, and enter into the garden of creation, your garden.

The next inner circle perceived by many as they raise their eyebrows is a blue colored disc. This disc telescopes out into a tunnel in which, when entered, one experiences a higher state of awareness and a steadier mind.

The most inner circle is perceived by some as just a momentary flash of a small speck of white light.

This inner circle is sometimes called the silver starry gate, and this circle or ring is fluctuating, or opening and closing. It is the real star gate of astral travel.

Astral simply means those mental forces that precipitate and give form to the physical universe, as in the seven tips of the outer star that makes up this universe, and forms the seven principles of huna.

As long as your mind is active, the inner circle expands and closes. If the mind is stilled with piko-piko, the circle will remain open.

It is only by seeing the eye in the sense of recognizing it that you are able to easily and consciously move through it.

Here is a simple form of Astral travel.

Do piko-piko from the base of the spine to the center of the forehead.

This means, on your inhale, place your attention at the base of the spine, and on your exhale, place your attention at the center of the forehead, and look for the white silvery light.

If you want to astral travel, when attention is placed at the Eye of Kanaloa on your exhale, just hold the intent of where you want to travel to, and as you exhale, imagine that your consciousness is projecting further and further out into the astral universe.

Only if the circle remains open can you move to That which is beyond you.

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