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Dynamind and Healing Relationships
by Jim Fallon

Do you want to improve your relationship or find success in a new relationship?

Our sense of self worth, or the dynamics of our most important relationships, can be positively influenced by the Dynamind technique. Effecting personal and interpersonal transformations is perhaps where the real magic of Dynamind is realized.

Occasionally in our lives we can find that our relationships don't always run the way we want them to. There are many ways in which relationship problems can arise. There are so many ways that our relationships can get off course at various times in our lives: couples who have "drifted apart" may have allowed barriers, built of old issues, come between them; life-time friends who have a serious difference of opinion find they are unable to approach one another to make amends; children of adult parents sometimes stay resentful of perceived mistreatment for years after the incident; and in many families, certain periods of their child's development can bring disharmony to the home. But it is never too late for healing to begin.

Some examples of what can be helped with Dynamind are:

  • general relationship issues within a marriage;
  • overcoming problems in a long distance relationship;
  • friends or colleagues who have had a difference of opinion finding they are unable to approach one another to make amends;
  • disharmony arising in families with teenagers;
  • people who are having difficulty in forming new relationships, particularly when they are finding it hard to 'move on' from a previous break up;
  • fears and problems associated with dating.

Often it can be difficult to ask for relationship advice. Whether you are trying to deal with relationship problems or are interested in building successful new relationships, Dynamind can help in many ways.

Through the use of Dynamind, perceptions can be changed to enable healing of damaged relationships or stabilization of basically positive and healthy relationships. Dynamind can allow you to re-appraise key events, to look at situations from a completely different perspective and to gain an appreciation for another's position. You can recapture lost feelings of love, friendship, romance and commitment, allowing healing to occur in the here and now.

How to improve your relationships using Dynamind:

Dynamind can help you to re-experience past memories in a more positive way and to gain new perspectives;
Using Dynamind to relax and be calm around others can be a significant and positive benefit;
Dynamind can start to help you to develop greater self belief and positive thinking, leading to a new confidence in yourself and your ability to create new and successful relationships.

Using the SymKey and Dynamind power statements in Dynamind to imagine a brighter future can help you to enjoy more successful relationships. What you think will happen, may well happen. What you think won't happen, won't happen.

The general format for a Power Statement is "I have the power to ( blank), yes I do, make it happen, make it so"

For relationships, the following can be used as model Power Statements for general relationship improvement:

"My relationships get better and better, yes they do, make it happen, make it so."
"I openly communicate and share myself with my partner, yes I do."
"I totally commit to my relationship and support my lover in ways that increase self-esteem. Yes, I do."
"I experience aliveness, excitement, joy, and pleasure in my relationship."
"I communicate directly and honestly with my lover."
"I accept my lover's uniqueness without expectations."
"I support my lover in ways that increase self-esteem."
"I let the little things go, detaching from negativity."
"The greatest gift I can give my lover is to be all of who I am."
"I listen and am willing to appreciate my lover's position even when we don't agree."
"I always make time for my lover."
"I communicate what I want directly and honestly."
"Every day I use opportunities to show my love."

Don't wait for your mate to effect positive change. Like any aspect of life, you get as much out of a relationship as you put into it. Most people don't take the initiative in their lives. Rather, they live life at minimal risk, waiting for others to take the initiative so they can react. Positive change must begin with your own efforts.

Dynamind can be used for performance anxiety in sexual situations, for lack of confidence, or the fear of making up, for anger at a partner or a past relationship event, and the list goes on.

What kind of relationship do you desire to establish? Is it time to change how you view your relationship?

Be Happy, Be Free, Use Dynamind! (Note: for a more complete description of the Dynamind Technique, click here.

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