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Fingerwalk A Labyrinth
by Jim Fallon

A labyrinth is simply a device to focus the mind and direct energy for a defined purpose, which could be healing, manifesting, clearing or spiritual development. Pikopiko can be used prior to entering the Labyrinth to get yourself centered, and a basic Dynamind statement can be used for the issue/desire at hand, along with Dynamind power statements. Although the most common way to use a labyrinth is to walk the path to the center and back out again, another way is to let your finger do the walking on a labyrinth pattern like the one above.

Simple Instructions:
1) Place your finger at the entrance of the labyrinth. Since you are using a symbolic pattern, you can use your left (or non-dominant) finger if you are seeking answers or trying to dissolve something, and your right (or dominant) finger if you are trying to manifest something.

2) State your intention as clearly as possible. For example, in the Dynamind format you can simply say "I have a problem and that can change; I want that problem to go away." Or you can be as specific as you wish using any words you like.

3) Begin moving your finger on the Labyrinth "circuit." If your finger stops moving smoothly or you feel a sudden increase in resistance to the finger move, stop at this point and pay attention to what is coming into your mind. It may be something relevant to your intention, something to consider or to do.

4) As you fingerwalk the labyrinth, open open your mind to receiving information. Your Ku will make the correct search by sending out an Aka finger to the universe to connect with the information, or plant a new pattern to manifest it. As your eyes track your finger, they will move to different positions that allow your Ku to activate different states of consciousness.

5) When you reach the center, pause. You may simply rest your finger in the center, open to whatever you experience or simply meditate in some way. A good one to do would be Dr. Serge Kahili King's Still Point meditation. If you don't have a problem, question or quest for information, then just sit quietly and let things be, for now is the moment of power.

6) When you are ready, just move your finger back out. Accept the insights and gifts you may have received and offer thanks for what you may have have learned.

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