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Sunrise in Germany
by Jutta Hahr

Our friend Holger Mirek asked Susan Pa'iniu Floyd and I to come in April 2007 to the German city of Frankfurt/Oder, which is very close to the Polish Border, for a sunrise ritual. On the photos of the sunrise the sun actually rises on the other side of the river "Oder" in Poland.

The Lord Mayor of the city welcomed us. Many photographers and the people of the city were invited to be part of that ceremony at 5:36 am at the River.

We had 4 hula dancers coming from Poland, one from Norway (Anne-Kristine Tischendorf), Susan from Hawaii and me as the only one from Germany. I was also the translator for Susan.

That morningThe Lord Mayor called Frankfurt/Oder the "Solar Capital,"because on one hand the city has new solar energy factories that have been built, and on the other hand he wants to make it a symbol for peace, since no one needs to fight for renewable energies.

At 10 am Susan taught the people how to sing "Aloha Hawaii" and at 2 pm we opened together a childen's park, where they built a big fire and Susan had the chance again to sing the new "Wake Up" chant of Kawaikapu Hewett. Afterward we danced some beautiful hula dances we had learned with the Polish group and the students of the morning hula class.

There was sooooo much love and understanding, a spiritual Lord Mayor, wonderful journalists and photographers and friends and collegues of the city hall and also of Holger. It was a great project that made good connections between spirituality, art, healing, and the economy.

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