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Huna/Shaman Courses for Tour Groups

Hale Huna
Hale Huna, Aloha International's Center in Volcano

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    Huna Talk
  • Fee: $500.00, deposit full amount.
  • Maximum number of students: 15 at our center.
  • Time Schedule: 1.5 hours. Specific time is flexible.
  • Location: Aloha International's Center (Hale Huna) in Volcano. Other locations in Hawaii can be negotiated.
  • Course Content: Typically, a Huna Talk would include a legend, discussion, questions, and answers, but the topic is flexible.

    Half-day Huna Course
  • Fee: $1000.00, deposit $100.00.
  • Maximum number of students: 15.
  • Time Schedule: 9 am-12 noon or 2 pm-5 pm.
  • Location: Aloha International's Center (Hale Huna).
  • Course Content: Choose from:
    Huna Basics
    Huna Healing (with specific focus on request)
    Shamanic Journeys
    Kupono for Individuals (a Kahili form of ho'oponopono)
    Kuhi (Hawaiian-style feng shui)
    Kahi Loa (a Kahili form of skin massage)
    Ka'ao (therapeutic storytelling)
    The Manifesting Process
    The Art of the Grok (shamanic shapeshifting)
    Time Travel (past, present, parallel)
Other topics besides those listed above will be considered.Several courses can be combined for a one-day or two-day workshop.
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