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Huna International operates a weekly Healing Circle on the island of Kauai which is led by the Alakai of Huna International. The purpose of the Circle is to help people around the world with distant healing for body, mind and circumstances; and to provide an opportunity for people to improve their healing skills by practicing with techniques from Huna and Hawaiian Shamanism. Every week the names of people who have requested healing are placed in a special Healing Basket and the healers work with them for a specific period of time.

This page represents an extension of the Healing Circle to the Internet. Below you will find a special email address for requesting a healing, an image to click for sending a healing, and a guide to forming your own Healing Circle.


Send an email message now with the word "healing" in the Subject line and the name of the person and the condition to be healed in the message box to huna@huna.org. This message will be placed in the Healing Basket for a period of one month. Please let us know of your healing results.


The symbol below is connected through the aka web to an identical symbol in the Healing Basket. To send a healing to the people whose names are in the Healing Basket, think of a quality such as Peace, Love, Strength or Harmony--along with an image if you like--and click on the symbol.

Healing Image


This information is adapted from the books Imagineering For Health and Urban Shaman, by Serge Kahili King, both of which are available at The Huna Store.

1. Keep the organization simple. All you really need is someone to take responsibility for arranging and guiding the meetings.

2. Have regular weekly meetings if you can, because this helps to develop the healing power of the group. Otherwise, meet bi-weekly or at least once a month.

3. Three to seven people is a good size for a regular group, but it's fine if more people come from time to time. Let people come or not as they please. You do not need to turn it into a club or a class.

4. To begin, it's a good idea to harmonize your individual energies. The most simple way to do this is just to hold hands for a minute or two with your eyes closed and your attention on the feel of the hands. Even better is to add some time for everyone present to relate one good thing that has happened recently. Another good thing would be to let a volunteer lead a brief relaxing or inspirational meditation.

5. The next thing is to do some healing, for international, national, or local community problems; for people at a distance who have requested or need help; and for present members of the Circle. There are many techniques available for this in the books of Serge Kahili King and others, or you may already know some. At Aloha International's Healing Circles on Kauai and Big Island, members and visitors are invited to share different techniques with the group along with the more standard techniques that are used. The most important thing is to maintain the purpose as a Healing Circle, and not to let it become a class or a group therapy session.

Feel free to send questions or Healing Circle experiences to huna@huna.org.

by Serge Kahili King

The first one is called La'a Kea, "Lovelight," or "Clouds of Color."
1. Imagine yourself surrounded by a field of positive energy, in the form light, color, sound, or vibration. Increase the intensity by pikopiko breathing (inhale at your crown, exhale below your feet) and/or thinking of happy memories.
2. Imagine this field expanding outward to include the person, place, or situation that you want to help.
3. Assume that this field of energy is responsive to your positive intentions, and give it instructions on how you want it to be helpful. Use simple directions like "Enlighten!" "Release!" "Focus!" "Center!" "Bless!" "Empower!" or "Assist!"

The second one is a variation on The Dynamind Technique.
1. Think of the person, place, or situation that you want to help. 2. Make a statement like this: "There is a problem and that can change. We want that problem to go away, we want the condition to be healed." 3. Make seven taps of your fingertips on the center of your chest, on the web part of each hand, and on the bone at the base of your neck. Then finish with a pikopiko breath.

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