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How To Heal The World
by Serge Kahili King

The most amazing Hawaiian tales of Maui the Demigod/Magician/Shaman/Hawaiian Superman are those in which he does things to make the world a better place. He is, actually, healing the world. These stories include pushing up the sky so everyone can walk upright; finding and sharing the secret of fire; attempting, at least, to bring the islands closer together to help people do the same; and making the sun go slower through the sky during parts of the year so people have more time to work and play;

Healing the world is never done by anyone acting alone, however. Even Maui could only make changes with the help of others. In the stories these were his grandmother, his grandfather, his mother, his brothers and his sister.

The stories of Maui are from ancient times, however. Now let's look at some stories of modern times, of things that people are doing today to help others and heal the world by expanding awareness and providing ways and means to solve problems.

The stories below are taken from news reports available from various sources on only one single day. They are intended to show that, while bad news might attract our attention, there is a whole lot of good happening in the world every day, small things and large things alike.

Personal experiences of individuals in troubled places
New insights on animal behavior
People helping animals
Sharing of food recipes
Health and healing
Scientific discoveries
Stories that invoke laughter
Useful inventions
Much about art and culture
Warnings of extreme weather situations
Do-it-yourself projects
People helping people
Expanding opportunities for people

I have a Facebook page with Friends who post so much it is like a steady stream 24/7. Of course there are those who post things like how they are feeling and what they had for breakfast, but the overwhelming number of posts are helping to heal the world. Here is a list of topics taken from only 10 minutes of scanning the stream:

Huna information (not from me directly)
Language study opportunities
Sharing of travel information
Requests for help and helpful responses
General advice for problems
Teaching and learning opportunities
Sharing of images from around the world
Inspirational postings in words and drawings and photos
Sharing of personal art and creativity
Videos that expand awareness
Birthday greetings Free counseling
Local news from areas in trouble
Practical advice and solutions
Sharing of recipes
Stuff to make you smile and laugh
Art and culture news

Now Let's look at what we can do as individuals ourselves.

1. Healing the world means healing the relationship between people and people, and between people and the Earth.

2. Healing the world is important for the health, wealth, and happiness of people in general and for certain animals and plants.

3. The Earth as a whole and most of the people, animals and plants can take care of themselves very well, but a very large number still need help from others.

4. Earth has gone through dramatic changes before and will again. It will survive in some form or another. The real question is whether humans will survive those changes and whatever they may do to themselves and those beings dependent on or strongly influenced by them.

5. Healing the world requires:
A. Awareness of what is happening in the world.
B. Forgiveness for what has happened before.
C. Focus on the good that is happening now and the good desired.
D. Action in the present to solve current problems.
E. Cooperation with others in solving the problems.
F. Increasing individual skills to help solve the problems.
G. Utilizing whatever works that is consistent with the aim. This includes a willingness to work:
a. Objectively: Many, many scientists, peacemakers, inventors, writers, artists, and others participating in group action physically or with financial or informational support are already working at this level. You can, too.
b. Metaphysically: Many people who pray, bless, send energy, use telepathy, clairvoyance, or astral travel are already working at this level. You can, too.
c. Shamanically: More and more people are healing through rituals, with spirit help, and on inner journeys, and you can, too.
d. Holistically. More and more people are working with meditation, grokking, and creating resonance through self change, and you can, too.

The key to healing the world is doing whatever you can do, with whatever knowledge and skill you have, whenever a need for healing arises in your awareness, in every present moment that it does.

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