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Huna And World Peace
by Jim Fallon

There are world and individual country situations occurring now that have many negative political overtones.

Remember, that the world is what you think it is, and that you are a part of this earth reality, which is just a part in a multi-dimensional reality. In order to remove ourselves from any negativity of this reality to find peace, we must find our Aloha spirit deep within ourselves, as all power comes from within. We should not feed the emotionality of the moment.

From Aloha blessings, only Aloha can flow. Do not seek the "power" path of vengeance for all of the people who have been killed, but Bless them; and as you bless them, give an additional stronger Blessing for those who have done the killing. Rather than trying to correct the faults of others, we should try to influence them to see harmony and also connect deep within us to remove any of our own negative forces.

The world becomes insane because some people or organizations have greed and self interest. History as taught that these forces just perpetuate this cycle of world violence and hatred. First stop this cycle within you and let it be healed in your heart of Aloha.

Come to understand the law of Karma. It is not a law of retribution. The "Universe" is not mad at us. It is us, through our actions, wise or unwise, with free will, that create the result of those actions, for good or bad. The karma is not brought about by the "Universe," but it is and can be only brought about by and through people. A great teacher once said "Whatsoever you do unto another, you do more so unto yourself here and now."

The goal of the path of the Hawaiian Adventurer is to dream the dream of life without interfering or at the expense of another's dream. Use the process of the power of Blessings found in Dr. King's "Little Pink Book of Aloha." Here is an example:

"I bless and harmonize the environment, the Aumakuas, the people, the elements of fire, wind, stone, water, plants, animals and people. I bless all those in pain, who act out of greed or self interest. May they be healed , may all relationships and agreements be harmonized, and may peace ,harmony and healing be restored within my soul and within all souls."

Now for a Technique:

The following process uses the concept of pikopiko and the love light (found in Dr. King's book, Urban Shaman).

Imagine that you are entering your spirit body, and that you are now traveling upwards into the sky. As you do, you can see your home, then your town, then your state, all getting smaller and smaller as you continue to travel upwards. As you travel up, you can now see the earth getting smaller and smaller, to a size that you can hold between your hands.

Now: Inhale with your attention on all the energies of peace, harmony and healing above you. See this as multi colored rainbow light. Use the same color for the rest of the process. Now exhale, with all that energy at your navel.

Inhale with your attention on all the energies of peace, harmony and healing below you. Exhale, imagine all this energy at your navel.

Inhale with your attention on all the energies of peace, harmony and healing around you exhale, with all that energy at your navel

Inhale, with your attention at your navel, all these energies at your navel. Exhale, seeing the collected energy go from your navel area, through your arms, and into your hands, surrounding the earth with this multi colored rainbow light energy.

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