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Huna for Business Executives
by Jim Fallon

In the last few years it has become increasingly difficult for business and industry to stay competitive. With more data being generated by more and more computers, there has been a tendency to slip into a posture of "managing by the numbers." The emphasis has been on the use of rationality and logic in problem-solving and decision-making, using operations research, management science, modeling, and the development of computers that "think". We see this now in cars that drive for you, programs that make stock market trading decisions, and robots that perform surgery. The issue here is that we are giving away or transferring our inner power to machines.

There is now evidence to suggest that the successful "hunch player"--a person who makes decisions based on hunches rather than fact or evidence--may have something more solid going for him or her than the odds of chance. Research projects strongly support the idea that some executives have more precognitive ability than others. That is, they are better able to anticipate the future intuitively rather than logically and thus, when put in positions where strong data support may not always exist, will make better decisions. And these executives made more money for themselves and their companies.

How is this done?

Here are some techniques, based on the idea that everyone is always broadcasting their memories, thoughts and feelings. and that it's possible to tune into their strongest ones.

1. Grokking (mentally merging or mental projection into an object or person for information)
To do this you merely pick up a mental replica of the person's head and slip it on over your own, and you get their thoughts. Everything is connected, there are no limits, and you can subjectively communicate with that person's Ku.

Just pretend their head is like a helmet and put it on. Now pretend to look through their eyes. Pretend to hear through their ears. Pretend to feel through their physical body. Pretend to think through their brain. Now ask questions with your own mental thoughts. The returning answer or symbol or feeling is their answer.

2. The Garden Tiki, from Dr. Serge Kahili King's article "Technique Touch-ups."
This involves the possibility of going into someone else's Inner Garden and help solve problems for them or for getting information.

"Now before you start worrying about invasion of privacy and manipulation, it is very important to understand that you cannot really go into someone else's Inner Garden. What you can do, though, is enter your version of someone else's Garden. In other words, after you have entered your own Garden, you make the decision to find a path to someone else's Garden. Then your own imagination, subconscious, and Higher Self combine to create a facsimile of that person's Garden, built from whatever you know or think about that person. The focus on the person creates a telepathic connection.

"When you are in your version of that Garden and ask for a symbol of that person's problem and heal it, this information goes out over the connection and is received as a suggestion that the person may accept or reject. The more the person really wants a positive change, naturally, the more likely he or she is to accept the information and use it in his or her own way. You can always help, but never control."

This is a good technique for dealing with "problem" employees. Here is a variation on this technique:

You can invite somebody to join you in your own Inner Garden. Just imagine that the person arrives somehow. Of course, this is only your version of the person, but as mentioned above it sets up a telepathic connection. You can invite a competitor, and ask the competitor, 'What's new this season?' You can invite a legislator and ask about what tax changes there will be this year. If you are involved in a lawsuit, you can invite the opposition attorney and ask what their strategy is going to be. You can get professional guidance, like from the psychologist, or if it is some other kind of problem, from a public relations consultant, or a marketing expert.

You can invite in a famous psychic. The way to do it is to ask the question of this special person. Then disconnect--clear your mind by thinking of something else. Then start thinking again to figure out the answer. The thoughts that come to you are what you can receive telepathically from that person. Think of possible answers. You can use multiple choice if you prefer. If you want to decide how to advertise you can ask which is better, magazines , TV or mail marketing Then clear your mind, think of something else. When you come back to the question, what ideas come to you? Let's say the answer is TV, you can then ask which is better, TV or internet mail marketing? Again, the one that comes to you is the one to stick with.

Here is another idea. You can use other people's experiences as if those experiences were your own. For example, they might have a skill that you are trying to learn.

3. Go to your garden.
Mentally create the person standing in front of you. Ask him what to do and how to do it. Assume that whatever comes to your mind, is his answer. You'll be thinking as though you thought it up yourself, but you thought it up with the information you were able to receive from him.

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