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In-Depth Lomilomi
by Christine Spycher-Mandel

Having participated in many lomi classes, I have watched quite a number of teachers. I also had a lot of private sessions from aunties in Hawaii to practitioners in Europe. I experienced truly a large spectrum of massages. All were different, that's natural. But a few were very similar. They had the same depth. They touched something deep within me, a feeling of being home, complete and healed.

I watched my teachers. Some of them had the ability to connect deeply with the client and create that same feeling within them as I had felt. How did they work? It took me years to understand their concept of working. When teaching Lomi, students often asked me the same question: "How can you touch somebody on this deep level that creates transformation and healing? What do you do?"

I will share one important point: Aloha. I dont speak about what we normally think is love. I speak about love in its meaning of compassion.

    Compassion: What is it?
  • First, acceptance of myself. Can I truly accept myself including my work, without doubts? It sounds so easy, but it is one of the most difficult things for humans to lovingly accept themselves. The acceptance creates this deep inner connection within myself, the feeling of being home and healed. This is exactly the place where transformation and healing can happen very fast. Now how can I learn to love and accept myself? First start to honor something about yourself, something you like on your body, a skill, how you dress, your smile, something you can truly esteem. Everyone has something to appreciate. Just start in this present moment!
  • Second, acceptance about my client. Can I truly accept all about my client? That means I don't have to correct anything, because the client is in a perfect state in this moment. If I learn not to correct anything about my client, I am at ease with my work. I don't have to fight against pain. I don't have to win any game. I can stay in my loving place, doing my work and having fun. But you will say I have yet to heal the pain, or the depression orÉ No you don't have to, because you can't. All healing comes from within!
    The benefits of compassion
  • My thoughts are free, not bound in the place of illness, aches and pains and worrying if I'm able to heal the client. My work becomes more efficient because I use my thoughts also to support the healing process.
  • All is connected. If I myself stay in a feeling of being healed and complete the client can find this feeling within himself also.
  • While staying focused in my healing place the energies will support all kinds of healing and my work will gain more depth.
  • I don't have to worry about the outcome. I can stay in the present moment fully relaxed. In this way my work will not only become more intuitive, but I will also be more aware of what is needed in just this moment. My work becomes more powerful.
  • It's a blessing to have neither worries about the outcome, nor judgements about myself and my skills. There is much more supporting energy available.
  • I can fully trust myself and in my client's ability to heal himself. My work becomes more energised.
  • It allows me to integrate a variety of different tools adjusted to the now moment. The effectivness of my work becomes greater.

In the modern healing art I learn to focus on the problem, to fight against the problem, I want the problem to be gone. As a therapist I need a lot of energy and if I'm not successful, I feel unworthy. I doubt myself and at the end I feel weak.

In the old way of healing I know that healing comes only from within. I support the client to activate his inner healing process, while staying in my inner healing place, in a place of acceptance and love that makes me strong and energised.

Allow yourself to tune into and feel my words, feel into a massage given by any master. Feel the acceptance, the love and how it creates a supporting, nourishing and healing energy. Feel the transforming power of this energy, hold it deep within you while giving your next Lomi Lomi session, and you will find your work completely changed.

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