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Internal Energy
by Jim Uttleymoore

Taking care of yourself physically is important, but the highest priority is to be master of your energy and spirit. To do so we must define and realize the power the mind has over us which effects our energy and vibrational field through positive or negative thoughts.

Most of us carry accumulated negative baggage from the past. We cling to feelings of betrayal, rejection, anger and being a victim, creating a sense of judgment and righteousness. This does nothing more than allow us to harbor resentment, bitterness and low self esteem. Whether these feelings are based on fact matters less than whether or not we allow them to rule our lives.

Negative thought patterns fuel stress and tension throughout the body, eventually breaking down our energy field, and disease is the result. Always remember, fear is the opposite of trust. Fear breaks down our natural body immunity. It holds us in the past, creating havoc with our future thoughts while keeping us from our internal savior, the present moment. Many times the onset of negative thinking starts in childhood, and a pattern emerges.

For example, attracting the same or wrong people or blaming others for everything that does not fit the mood. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself just keeps you in your negative stuff. The key here is to take total responsibility for your thoughts, knowing that all circumstances that happen in this journey of learning are lessons needed in this lifetime. Honor the mishaps, stumbles and falls, for experience allows you to choose your pathway, the key to the most important aspect of your life, happiness. To achieve this illusive goal look no further than the power within your spine. To put this idea into perspective, the record speaks for itself. Our ancestors thought that only one idea can be right, so any other must be wrong. This has resulted in more than 100 million humans being persecuted or killed in the last 100 years. Past lessons are not being learnt. Most of our world leaders act by what they think rather than what they feel within, and therein lies the difference.

Over time our mind has educated us to greed and how to manipulate any given situation to satisfy a ravenous ego to the detriment of others, including all animals and the environment. If we do not change we will end up being the least successful inhabitants ever to have lived on this earth. The mind knows it has a true job, that is to learn life's journey so that we have a memory to do things to the level of our ability, in any given moment in total harmony with all. That's it nothing more. It sounds idealistic but it's the truth.

Unfortunately, for thousands of years we have been led down the path that the mind is our only avenue to power and inner peace. Nothing could be further from the truth. To give an example, all physical coaches at sometime in the heat of competition ask their athletes to dig deep within to find that extra yard to be a champion. Where does this power come from? It comes from within, deep in the spine, it is our life force, it is like the thumbprint, like the iris of the eye, totally individual to every human. In death it is the last part to die.

The spine has seven power points which are the centers of energy in the body. The indigenous Hawaiians call this power mana, the power from within, similar to the seven Chakra points. Balance between these points results in maximum vitality and health. First we must learn how to breath and to focus that breath on removing any tension and mind activity. This can only be achieved by being in the present moment. To do this, take long continuous deep breaths with the attention on the crown of the head as you inhale, and on exhaling put the attention on the navel. When relaxed, focus on the senses.

First, listen to all the sounds that are around you and separate them, listen internally and be aware of the body. Then feel the skin using the sense of touch, massaging hands and feet, feel internally the ribcage expanding and contracting with each breath. Finally be aware of the sense of smell, know your own smell and all that is around you. After completion feel the sense of peace and no mind clutter.

Now we put our attention on the base of the spine, the coccyx through to the pubic bone. This first point or chakra is the base or powerhouse. It is physical. The will to be. Primordial. The instinct of survival. Focus and connect and you will feel your confidence grow (as all your power comes from within), creating an influence to harmonize with all things. Feel it and bathe in the glow of this divine inner confidence.

The second power point on the spine is just above the sacrum at lumbar five, through to the lower abdomen. Here you find vitality, grounding and focus. By focusing your energy flow you can magnify the power to achieve outstanding results.

The third power point is at vertebra thoracic twelve through to below the ribcage. It relates to the stomach and nervous system. Here you will feel desire and raw energy. By combining this emotional passion with the present moment you achieve the result that is the real you, healthy and happy.

The fourth power point on the spine is vertebra thoracic seven through to the heart. Meaning your love, compassion and service to others. Being truly contented and happy with who you are. You feel so much more connected when there is love in your heart, without it you just exist. The heart pleasurably stirs the senses, for real love is unconditional, spontaneous stimulation of the emotions.

The fifth power point relates to vertebra cervical five through to the throat. It's your truth through verbal self-expression and creativity. When you tap into the power within, you will speak your truth from your heart. You will feel positive. Along life's pathway look for the most truthful means possible to establish harmony, look for the best in people and the best in yourself.

The sixth power point is at the base of the skull through to the brow. This is your third eye, your intellect, intuition, clairvoyance. Your world is shaped by your current reality, so be aware. Is your glass half empty or half full? Magic happens when what you assume as true presents an awareness of other possibilities. Don't live with past fears, judgments or expectations. Act by how you feel within. See your world differently, allowing intuitive thought patterns to emerge. The seventh power point relates to the crown of the head. Commonly called the higher self or super-conscious, your connection with spirit. To be totally unencumbered and free, where old mind habits must be broken. Embrace goose bumps, chicken skin and the hair standing up on the back of your neck. It's your connecting spirit that just knows when something either feels right or wrong. Use it to release any doubts - be open and connect your spirit's relationship with your mind. This will create the freedom to forgive and to let go of stress and tension, for the only person you can change is yourself.

For me personally, the brilliance of the human mind has taken us to the edge of space, clearing a pathway to the stars. We can achieve all of our passionate goals by coordinating a healthy imaginative mind with the power of the body spirit. The time has come to let our hearts lead the way to a more highly evolved intelligence that is within us all. An intelligence which knows by feeling that there is an alternative approach to how we find life's answers. Those answers can be found by using and living the seven principles of Huna with your mind and with your body.

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