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The Power of Intention
by Cristina Bar Sela

Last Thursday I got a phone call from Shoshi, a long term student of mine who lives in Kibbutz Beit Oren on the slopes of Mt. Carmel . She called to ask if I could send healing energy to the homes of her and Limor, both students in my advanced Huna course. In a few words she described the situation: a fire had broken out on Mt. Carmel and the flames were advancing in the direction of Beit Oren.

I wasn't aware of the fire, which had already been raging for a few hours. I logged on to the Internet and saw pictures of a huge fire. I briefly read the headlines, closed my eyes, focused my attention and sent healing energy to their homes, so that the fire wouldnÕt harm them.

Then I sent a text message to all my old students who are trained in sending healing energy even without knowing the recipient in person. I added all my present students, those who attend the same course with Shoshi and Limor. I asked them to focus their attention on their houses and to wrap them in the healing energy that they had learned to send.

When you learn Huna, you learn how to work with energy in order to influence reality. In different ways, you can send specific energy in a focused manner in order to help, heal and support various conditions.

But in extreme situations like that fire, it is not enough to send focused energy just once. You have to repeat it frequently, and it is very important not to surrender to thoughts of worry or fear.

When we are afraid, we radiate a different type of energy than the healing one, which can strengthen the reasons for fear and perpetuate it.

I know for sure that each one of the people who got my message immediately stopped their daily endeavours and and sent healing energy to the homes of Shoshi and Limor, and did it again throughout the day. In the meantime, I learned from the news that fire fighters were unable to control the fire and that it had spread to other areas.

After sending my healing energy for a while, I called Shoshi to find out about the situation. She told me that the fire had not reached Limor's area at all, but that it had been advancing to her own neighborhood, and that the fire fighters were unable to stop the fire. I asked Shoshi to imagine a bubble around her house made of fire-resistant material. I started to do the same and increased the frequency of my imagery.

On Friday, I spoke with Shoshi again. Using HUNA techniques, she was able to remain optimistic. In spite of the fact that situation had been getting worse by the minute, she had been able to keep up her good spirits and firmly believe that nothing would happen to her house, although all forecasts had been pointing to the opposite direction.

She told me that on that morning she went up to her house together with TV reporters from Channel 10. When they arrived, they found out that the neighboring houses, both on the left and right sides of her house, had burned down. Shoshi's house, however, although dirty with soot, had not been touched by the fire.

When I visited her a few days later, I saw it with my own eyes. Where the fire had reached from the neighboring walls, touching her balcony but not actually engulfing her home, it was possible to imagine the shape of a circle that had stopped the fire!

You might say that the flames did not burn down her house by chance, but if you know about the energetic work that had been done in the background, you will understand that the power of intention leads to results even in extreme situations.

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