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The Hidden Island of Kane
a guided journey by Jim Fallon

Take a deep breath with your attention way above your head; now exhale, with your attention way below your feet. You now journey to your inner garden, and while you are in your garden, use your inner sight to see something in your garden, your inner sense to touch to feel some object, and your inner sense of hearing to hear something in your garden. Now before you are many different paths leading from your garden. You decide to take the path that will lead to the hidden island of Kane. You desire to travel there to learn something you need to learn, or to learn something you need to be aware of, and bring this knowledge back with you.

As you walk along this pathway, feel your feet upon the ground, notice the different smells coming from the landscape, and see the different colors of the landscape change as you walk this path. It is a lovely day, and the sky is a bright blue with soft floating clouds. There is a gentle breeze that you can feel gently caress your skin.

Now see yourself walking to the top of a large mountain...and you slowly walk to the edge of that mountain to a great cliff...and thousands of feet below the cliff you see a lush rain forest, and beyond the rain forest, there’s a meadow....and beyond the meadow a beach...and beyond that the ocean...and you look to the horizon and look at the haze and the it somehow begins to part...revealing the outline of an island...the Hidden Island of Kane.

You decide to make this journey to the Hidden Island of Kane and you begin to travel the mountain path that leads down the cliff...walking down this path until you reach the base of this cliff...and you now see the boulders that you must scramble over to get to the edge of the rain forest.....and you make your way to the edge of this rain forest and enter the you begin to brush away the ferns and leaves and the vines...and step over fallen you go deeper and deeper into the thick of this rain forest....without losing your sense of bearing...allowing yourself to be you continue into this rain forest and reach a small clearing...

You step into this clearing and you look about...there is nothing here but thick lush growth...thick dense jungle.. but there is a clearing...and you step into the center of this clearing....and you see through the leaves and your now able to see a meadow before you...and you take your final steps out of this dense jungle and walk into the soft green meadow...and you feel the soft green grass beneath your feet and you feel very relaxed and at continue walking until you come upon a pool of clear cleansing, refreshing water... and you step into this cool the cool waters wash away all energies that should not be taken to the Hidden island of Kane, the water heals and washes away any and all tiredness from your journey thus far.

You look ahead and you see that you are almost at the edge of the meadow. Before you now is a beach, and at the edge of this beach, by the a special spirit canoe, and there in the waters that are ahead is the Hidden island Kane; and as you take the last few steps that allow you to leave the meadow, you now step onto the as you walk on the feel the warm sand beneath your feet, and you walk over to the spirit canoe...which is made of the finest woods...the red woods...the yellows and the most beautiful hard woods that you have ever seen or could even look above at the horizon and there before you is the Hidden island Kane...the mist clouding the island as departed....

And you step into the canoe and push off into the waters...and you take the paddle that is on the seat and you begin to paddle with all your strength as you now are coming closer to the shore of the Hidden Island of Kane...getting closer now...your almost you look. there on the island is a the left of the river is a dense the right of the river there is a meadow...and as your standing you look into the now take the last few strokes and feel the bow of the canoe run ashore. You step out onto the beach and pull up the canoe... you now must decide which path to take...will you follow the river...will you follow to the left into the forest....or will you walk straight ahead into the meadow.... which ever path you follow it...and you follow that path until you come to a landscape...and here you stop for a moment...and you notice the path way back for your return...and you continue to follow your path until you come to a clearing with a large circle made of individuals stones.. and as you step into the center of this power circle, that you must wait and call upon and ask for the guidance of Kane...calling on that knowledge and power that is seeking you right now...and you sense that there is a presence drawing nearer to you. You now only you only focus upon your you inhale with your attention at the top of your head, and exhale with your attention below your feet...and as you breath you feel this being drawing closer and closer to you...

And very slowly and turn around and you look into the eyes Kane.

You look into Kane’s eyes and ask, "What have you come to teach me...what is your medicine...what is your wisdom...what is your strength"...and as you ask these questions you feel Kane speaking to you without words...communicating with you heart to heart...mind to mind.... Kane states, “How can I be of service to you...what wisdom do you wish from me...what teaching do seek from for me....I will protect you in you find your way"...and you invite the spirit of Kane to come back you...You say..."Come with me,,.if its right...come with me" as you speak these words very softly and very stand up and begin to make your way back, down the path, calling and inviting the spirit of Kane to come with accompany you ...if its right...

And now you notice that the mist that covered the Hidden island Kane is is returning back to its own world...and you must make your way out before the mist again engulfs the Hidden Island of Kane...and you make your way back to the spirit canoe...push off and call upon the spirit of Kane to leap into the canoe with accompany you back from its world to your world....and you begin to paddle...the seas have risen...the waves are higher now...and the mist has reclaimed the island...and before look at the mainland and paddle toward it...and you notice that the water is becoming clear and that you can see to the bottom once again...and your calling upon the spirit of Kane to be with you accompany be by your never leave you...and you feel the canoe runs aground again....and you step out of the canoe and pull it up to the beach...but as you are lifting the canoe you see it dissolves back into nothingness...and you walk back down the beach towards the meadow...calling upon the spirit of you step onto the sandy beach...then onto the soft green grass of the meadow...feeling the cool mist of the grass beneath your you begin to make your way back to that pool where you washed and cleansed....,..and enter the the pool washes away all energies that do not belong in this world, and you take the spirit of Kane into the pool with splash...and when your step out of the pool you walk away from the pool with the spirit of Kane at your protect share its wisdom...its insight, and natural intelligence and to bring to you its protect your home and your loved ones...

And now you envision a sphere of light up and away from your body, just about where a movie screen would be located if you were watching a movie, but in this case, you eyes are closed. Envision the image of the spirit of Kane within this sphere of light, imagining thin strands of light energy coming from your heart to the heart of the spirit of Kane, as you inhale with your attention on your heart, and exhale with your attention on the heart of the spirit of Kane...and gently infuse this wisdom into your life.

And now you feel that this journey is coming to an end, so you gently open your eyes when your ready and slowly become aware of your surroundings again.

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