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Work Less, Prosper More!
by Jim Brinkley

Are you working too hard? A disciple of Max Freedom Long once wrote, "If you are not using Huna, you are working too hard!" I would like to share with you two spiritual techniques that can enable you to work less while prospering more! It is important to first realize that money is one of the most spiritual things in existence and that monetary transactions are among the most spiritual of all experiences. Money has no intrinsic value of its own; one cannot eat it, be healed by it, or make love to it. It is what money represents that gives it value. In other words, it is the non-physical or spiritual aspect of money that we value. Money is simply a symbol for mana. Mana can be defined as spiritual authority. There are many ways to acquire and increase mana, including heredity (as in royalty), certifications (such as an advanced degree), position in society (like holding a political office), and honorable behavior, which generates respect. Wealth can also generate mana but because everything is a reflection, the reverse is true as well. So if you have been working to increase your mana, why not use your mana to generate prosperity?

When you pay someone for something, you are giving her/him an authority symbol (of buying power) in return for the goods or services (s)he has provided for you. By so doing, you are formally recognizing and reinforcing the good that (s)he has done for you. To put it the Huna way, you are blessing her/him. This blessing also has a positive effect on you, as do all blessings. You can enhance the power of such blessings by performing them in a conscious ritualized fashion. Rituals, when well designed and performed, can convince your ku (subconscious mind) that you are worthy of continued blessings.

It is helpful to perform spiritual rituals both when you take in financial mana (money) as well as when you disburse it. Human beings are spiritual energy transformers. According to the third principle (Energy Flows Where Attention Goes), we can take in spiritual energy, amplify it, and redirect it to manifest a desired effect. Since money is simply a symbol for spiritual authority, one can amplify money by amplifying spiritual energy. Spiritual energy, like electrical energy, is best amplified when it is flowing. An electrical transformer works by amplifying the flow of energy. We can do the same with spiritual energy. We are meant to give and to receive. One of the best techniques for amplifying money when we take it in is tithing and one of the best to use when we disburse money is blessing your payments.

Tithing is strictly defined as the giving of the first one-tenth of one's income to the source of one's spiritual growth and inspiration. One can tithe to an individual, such as a minister, or to an organization, such as a church. Giving charitable gifts to the unfortunate is a wonderful thing but it is not tithing. Giving occasional gifts to your church or to people who have helped you spiritually is also a wonderful thing but it is not tithing. Tithing is the regular, continuous, giving of the first tenth of all of your income to the source of your spiritual awareness and inspiration. It is important to set aside the first tenth because this impresses upon your ku the importance of the tithe as well as the fact that spiritual consciousness is the source of all wealth. This means that each and every time you receive income, the first check you write will be for your tithe.

One of the best writers I have encountered on the subject of tithing is Catherine Ponder, a Unity Minister. It was her books that convinced me to begin using these techniques. Ms. Ponder emphasizes that when tithing is done as a duty it is much less likely to produce abundance because one's subconscious (ku) will view the experience as negative. Tithing is best done from love, gratitude, and respect. Therefore it is important to tithe to the true source of your spiritual inspiration. If you tithe to your church because you think you are supposed to, your tithing will be much less effective for you than if you tithe elsewhere because you want to. It is perfectly acceptable to divide one's tithe. Although I now tithe exclusively to Aloha International (because A.I. is the current source of my ongoing spiritual development), there was a time when I divided my tithe and my tithing was just as effective. Another very valuable lesson I learned from Ms. Ponder is that during times when the bills outweigh the resources, the natural tendency is to think that you simply can't afford to tithe. However, since tithing generates prosperity, these times are exactly when you can't afford NOT to tithe!

The second technique I would like to share with you is blessing your payments. Your initial reaction might be that your payments are the last thing you want to bless. However, because we humans are spiritual energy transformers, each time you bless a payment you can expect it to come back to you greatly amplified. When electrons flow out from one terminal of a transformer, more flow in from the other terminal. The same is true of the flow of spiritual energy from and to us. According to the strength of your belief, payments can come back to you increased by two-fold, ten-fold, or even a hundred-fold.

It is easy to develop a simple blessing ritual to use each time you pay bills. In my case, I write out all my checks, reconcile my checkbook, file away the bill stubs, and then perform the ritual. As with other rituals, it is helpful to have a quiet place, free of distractions, where you can be alone. I first do piko-piko (a simple breathing exercise), hold in my imagination a being or scene of great beauty, and then focus on each check, bless the money it represents and the payee for what (s)he or it has given me, and place the check in the envelope for mailing. I even do this with my tithing check. For example, I might say, "Lord, bless this $107.91 I now send to the people at the electric company in thanks for all the useful energy they have given me. I know it will soon come back to me as $ 10,791.00!" or "God bless this $350.00 I now send to Molly Maids for keeping my home so clean. I know it will soon come back to me as $ 35,000.00!" These are one hundred fold increases. If you have doubts about your ability to increase your prosperity to such a level you will be less effective. So if you find yourself doubting, begin with smaller increases. As you manifest them, your confidence will increase, and you will be comfortable expecting more. The universe wants you to prosper, as long as that is what you want!

I have been using these techniques for over ten years. In that time, my income has more than tripled, quite significant in an era of very low inflation. Yet in the same time, I have cut my work hours by forty percent! I invite you to try these techniques. Please remember to remain aware of their meaning, to be free to accept the blessings they will bring, to stay focused on the techniques, to persist in using them in the present moment, to use them with loving thoughts directed toward the recipients of your wealth, to be confident in your success, and to be flexible enough to try them with enthusiasm.

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